• Aug 21, 2019

There is an opinion that each of us is inclined to choose the pet, similar on itself. So, we can assume that the choice of breed of a dog tells a lot of things about features of character of the owner. And what it is possible to tell about character of the owner of a bichon a frieze?

 the Bichon a frieze looks at the owner of a photo

On a photo: bichon frieze. Photo:

Certainly, this text comic so you should not treat it too seriously. However not for nothing say that in each joke there is also a part of the truth.

So if you chose as the pet of a bichon a frieze …

  1. If you chose as the pet of a bichon a frieze , your family crest, most likely, would decorate the motto: "Continue to smile, and good luck will smile to you!"
  2. you are convinced that rules are created not for restrictions, and for simplification of life. Also you prefer strictly to them to follow.
  3. you consider that sometimes – it is simple not to stir the best way to help others. Also you do not impose the society and participation by that who is not interested in it.
  4. the Only thing that can cause in you rage is an attempt to force you to do something against will moreover with use of outright manipulations.
  5. To all the rest you are tolerant to impossibility and can peacefully get on with anyone.
  6. you, besides, do not take out loneliness.
  7. And still you do not love pauses in communication. Therefore you can speak without interruption. Especially with those who are glad to your company.

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