• Aug 14, 2019

There is an opinion that people choose the pet, similar on itself. So, we can assume that the choice of breed of a dog will tell a lot of things about character of the owner. And what then it is possible to tell about character of the owner of a griffon?

griffon in the movie "Better Does Not Happen" of a photo

On a photo: a griffon in the movie "Better Does Not Happen". Photo: google

Certainly, this text comic so you should not treat it too seriously. However not for nothing say that in each joke there is also a part of the truth.

So if you chose a griffon from all variety of dog breeds …

  1. If you consciously chose as the pet of one of of griffons probably your motto: " the Enemy will not pass! " you are extremely vigilant and always on the law enforcement officer.
  2. In any difficult situation you keep the main thing – self-respect.
  3. you never forget about those whom you love, and appreciate fidelity from close people.
  4. are alien to you both shyness, and aggression. However, you already do not miss the.
  5. you adore studying and extremely quickly grab new, however at school, perhaps, you had problems – you do not suffer violence over yourself, and the education system, alas, not always encourages free-thinking.
  6. the progress you attribute abilities to adapt easily to any circumstances. Eventually, to keep purity, sometimes it is necessary to learn to wash also dirty water.
  7. Perhaps, boredom – the only thing what it is (if at all possible) to you to adapt very difficult to. You are active and are always ready to go to long walk. And the canine friend with pleasure accompanies you.

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