• Aug 14, 2019


There is an opinion that people choose the pet, similar on itself. So, we can assume that the choice of breed of a dog will tell a lot of things about character of the owner. And what then it is possible to tell about character of the owner of a weimaraner (veymaraner)?

 Weimaraner veymaraner close up of a photo

On a photo: veymaraner (weimaraner). Photo:

Certainly, this text comic so you should not treat it too seriously. However not for nothing say that in each joke there is also a part of the truth.

So if you chose a veymaraner (weimaraner) from all variety of dog breeds …

  1. If you consciously became the owner of a veymaraner (weimaraner) probably your motto there could be a phrase " the Best policy – friendliness! " you consider that the best way to show originality is a kindness, and the friendliness eventually brings invaluable benefit.
  2. you are open for new knowledge and are always ready to study, to learn and to study once again … to all on light.
  3. you are convinced that one of the main secrets of happy life – inexhaustible inquisitiveness.
  4. you need the company of relatives and categorically do not take out loneliness.
  5. you consider that time your heart works without interruption, and you need to follow an example of it. And sometimes it is necessary to remind himself (or others remind you) that people work to live, and not vice versa.
  6. you precisely know that not the one who is not afraid, and the one who can cope with indecision dared. And you can.
  7. to Do nothing? It is the most terrible torture which can be thought up for you!

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