• Aug 21, 2019

Many are sure that dogs are similar to the owners. And if so, then it is possible to assume that the choice of breed will tell a lot of things about our character. In that case that it is possible to tell about character of the owner of the American Staffordshire terrier?

 Adult амстафф and puppy of a photo

the Photo from personal archive of the owner and the manufacturer of amstaff Maria Abduragimova

Certainly, this text comic so you should not treat it too seriously. However not for nothing say that in each joke there is also a truth.

If the American Staffordshire terrier …

became your pet
  1. On the family crest you for certain can trace the motto: "Appearances are deceptive – the fact that inside is important" .
  2. Every time, facing something terrible, you choose confidence, courage and force. Therefore you can do that it seems to much absolutely impossible.
  3. your obstinacy sometimes reminding "short circuit" first can cause laughter, then irritation in people around. However all comes to an end with envy from those who are not capable to hollow so long the head a brick wall – and at last to break it!
  4. the coolness Secret often is in ability to hide the feelings. However everything is good moderately, not expressed and not worked emotions can strike health. Take care!
  5. Any secret is to you surprising and desire to get to the truth.
  6. you will not call you the one-woman man, however it is safely possible to tell that you – soul of the company.
  7. Half measures and "stagnation" not for you – in your porokhovitsa there is too much gunpowder!

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