• Aug 21, 2019

You for certain heard a proverb "Tell me who your friend – and I will tell who you are". And still many are sure that dogs are similar to the owners . And if so, then it is possible to assume that as a dog – our friend, the choice of breed of a dog can tell about our character.

Certainly, this text comic so you should not treat it too seriously. However not for nothing say that in each joke there is a big element of truth.

So, we begin.

If you choose an Australian shepherd of an aussa

  1. If you choose an Australian shepherd auss, most likely, your motto – "Works does not happen much!" And you look at idlers with a fair share of contempt. Though, perhaps, sometimes you envy them.
  2. you as air need travel. Rest on a sofa behind viewing of telecasts is option of personal hell for you.
  3. But it does not prevent you to believe firmly in justice of a saying "My house – my fortress!"
  4. you never cease to study.
  5. it is very easy to persuade you, but it is almost impossible to induce something to do against your desire.
  6. it is important For you that all whom you love were near.
  7. your smile will be envied by Hollywood stars!
 Australian shepherd of a photo

On a photo: Australian shepherd of an aussa. Photo: of

If you choose the Austrian pinscher

  1. If you choose of the Austrian pinscher , most likely, your motto – "Please, without familiarities!"
  2. you precisely know who to you the friend and who you – not really, and do not hide the relation.
  3. at the same time unfamiliar people consider you the reserved and polite person.
  4. your friends can in everything rely on you.
  5. you are a faithful family man.
  6. Velopoyezdki, jogs or at least long foot walks – an important part of your life.
  7. Appearance for you – not the main thing.

If you choose an Akita Inu

  1. If you choose an Akita to Ying probably your motto – "I so told !"
  2. it is almost impossible to Overpersuade you.
  3. you are a judge of an order and do not love those who scatter the things anywhere.
  4. you are not inclined to deliver long speeches, but like to mutter to yourself under a nose.
  5. Family for you – the supreme value.
  6. In any unclear situation you seek to save face.
  7. you would leave the quite good Samurai.
 Akita to Ying of a photo

On a photo: Akita to Ying. Photo:

If you choose the American Akita

  1. If you choose the American Akita , perhaps, your motto – "To difficulties not to break us!"
  2. you at heart the single, however are loyal to few friends.
  3. Most of all you are irritated by tediousness.
  4. Sometimes you suffer from jealousy attacks.
  5. you often frighten people around, appearing at the most unexpected moment so personally you observe a final scene of the comedy of Gogol "Auditor".
  6. the Stranger is not necessary for you, but also you will give the to nobody.
  7. your opinion is usually appreciated though you not often state it.
 American Akita of a photo

On a photo: American Akita. Photo: of

If you choose the American bulldog

  1. If your choice – the American bulldog probably you can make the motto a phrase "To me there are no equal!" And it is unimportant that people around think about it.
  2. you are not too sociable, but you have several friends with whom you are connected by strong bonds – forever.
  3. Protecting those who are dear to you, you do not stop before anything.
  4. you do not hurry to carry out silly orders of the management. It is better to wait – suddenly the situation will change or the head will leave.
  5. you not too follow the fashion and in clothes prefer convenience to style.
  6. Whatever occurred, the main thing for you – to keep advantage.
  7. if you solved something, no obstacles will stop you.
 American bulldog of a photo

On a photo: American bulldog. Photo:

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