• Sep 16, 2019
of Many of us does not satisfy existence in the house of only one animal, and inconvenient thoughts to get one more cat begin to visit sooner or later. Or dog. Or birdie, small fish, hamster … crocodile. But how the cat will get on in one house with other animals?
Before making up the mind to this step, it is necessary to weigh still time, and once again. Will be to bring carrying to the house insufficiently, to call a cat and to tell: "It is your new friend, he will live with us and even, probably, to play your toys. You are glad?" Certainly, the cat will not be enraptured! Prepare that she, most likely, will actively protect the territory from invasion of the stranger.
 the cat smells a dog in a nose
On a photo: cat and dog
of the Beginner several days better to settle out "in a quarantine". So he will be able to assess a situation before he gets acquainted with old residents. Then put him in carrying and allow "natives" to enter to make short acquaintance.
Let animals communicate several weeks only at your presence. Surely encourage good behavior of both parties.
As a rule if kittens or a kitten and a puppy get acquainted, problems does not arise. But it is possible to get two kids from one dung — so you will avoid possible difficulties with acquaintance.
If you present to
each other a cat or a kitten and an adult dog, the dog has to be on a lead and know basic teams ("to Sit", "Lie", "Faugh" and It "is impossible").
in principle, cats can get on in one house with other cats or dogs. If you decided to complement a zoo with birds or rodents, everything is much more difficult.
 Cat and hamster of a photo
On a photo: cat and hamster
the Hunting instinct goes at a cat in a basic complete set and is not disconnected on your whim. Therefore she can diligently pretend some time that the popugaychik or a hamster is absolutely indifferent for it, but as soon as possible will not miss the.
your task — not only to protect with
small living creatures from a predator, but also to remember that presence of a cat — a constant stress for a bird or a decorative mouse. They have instincts and feelings too. And stresses can pour out in serious diseases. Therefore it is worth or keeping pets in different rooms, or to be satisfied with that structure of residents that is and to forget about a sharing of new.
If your cat has access to a garden, and you plan to feed up wild birds, hang out feeding troughs or nesting boxes in places where the little hunter will not reach. And for the period of removal of baby birds it is better to limit cat's movements.

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