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When it comes about animals, not indifferent how we feel, the first to mind dogs, of course, come. And here cats, on the contrary, are not so known for the ability to support us at a difficult moment. There is an opinion that they because of the independence and a certain dispassionateness worse than dogs cope with a role of the faithful partner and colleague.

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But nevertheless whether cats can feel our emotions?

As a rule, it is possible to answer this question with confidence — "yes". They are able to read out some looks, such as joy or rage. This skill of a cat is gained over time. The longer they communicate with the person, the more connect a happy look with pleasant things and actions, and sad or angry – with less positive.

When carrying out one experiment it was even noticed that cats spend more time near the happy and happy person. Of course, such behavior works only with the owner. It is considered that it is already not so simple to understand emotions of strangers to cats.

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cats when we long Understand?

Certainly, such response to our negative emotions as from dogs, for cats it was not noticed.

Most likely, they look at us from more selfish point of view: "And what this look means for me?". Respectively, happy people are associated with such actions as a pochyosyvaniye behind an ear or an entertainment delicacy, and sad – with smaller attention to them.

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So and, cats really to some extent understand our emotions, but they seldom feel personal interest in them if only it does not bring encouragement.

As they experience emotions?

Mechanisms of formation of emotions are developed at all animals. The only difference of their emotions from ours – they do not reach such depth and a variety and are generally used for survival: during the hunting, danger and care of posterity or sick and old relatives.

Leaning on conclusions of scientists from around the world, such deep emotions as shame, love, irritation and many others, cats hardly test. But, as well as we to feel grief and joy they really can.

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