• Sep 14, 2020

With any dog it is necessary to walk at least 2 hours in day. But with what to fill walk? What walk can be considered as correct?

Walk with a Dog of a Photo
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of 5 components of the correct walk with a dog

  1. Physical culture. Dogs need physical activity, however it has to be correct. Suitable physical activity strengthens a dog and gives it pleasure. Do not forget about warm-up and a hitch. Use the tricks promoting an extension, exercises on balance and power exercises.
  2. Work on obedience, including self-checking exercises and endurance. And it is important that the dog really thought, solved a problem, but did not submit to exclusively mechanical influence of you.
  3. Shaping . It is a great view of activity which strengthens contact with the owner, forms self-confidence and an initiative at a dog and also helps to solve a set of behavioural problems. We in detail wrote about shaping on our portal earlier.
  4. Games with the owner in toys. Games with a dog have to be correct, and we too more than once wrote about it. Throwing of ball 300 a time in a row will not approach.
  5. Protocols of relaxation.

Do not forget that the end of walk should not be active. It is necessary for a dog to calm down before return home.

It is more how to bring up and train dogs by humane methods, you can learn, having used our videocourses.

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