• Sep 16, 2019

For certain you heard a saying more than once that the curiosity was fatal for a cat. And it is valid, cats – extremely curious creations. It seems, no power on earth cannot occur without participation of a murlyka. Whether really the curiosity is dangerous to a cat?

 Curious cat of a photo

Photo: maxpixel

Why at a cat nine lives?

In fact, the curiosity not so often "backfires" to cats as they are rather clever to avoid dangers. They perfectly developed sense organs, they perfectly keep balance and are allocated with extremely strong instinct of survival. And it substantially ensures their safety in cases when something interested a cat. Or helps to get out of a situation which would become pernicious for other animal. For this reason say that at a cat nine lives.

However it happens that the cat overestimates own abilities and, for example, gets stuck in a remote crack or on a tree top. But in this case they have enough mind to call to the aid (loudly!) that people organized a rescue operation.

Abilities of a cat to find a way out of difficult situations do not mean, however, at all that owners can lose vigilance. Depends on the owner how safe will be manifestation of cat's curiosity in the house.

 the Curious black-and-white cat on a photo roof

Photo: pxhere

How to ensure safety of a curious cat?

  • Remove all objects which can be dangerous to it from a zone of access of a cat: needles, pins, fishing line, elastic bands, thumbtacks, packages, aluminum balls, very small toys, etc.
  • do not leave open a window if they are not equipped with the special grid preventing falling of a cat.
  • do not hope that some subject will remain unnoticed by a cat if you did not lock it in the reliable place. Cats with enthusiasm investigate surrounding space and will not disregard anything.
 Curious Cornysh Rex cat of a photo

Photo: flickr

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