• Feb 7, 2020

Some owners are convinced that their dogs perfectly understand human nature and perfectly distinguish "bad" and "good" people. But whether really dogs well understand people and can distinguish with an accuracy the bad person from good? And if yes, that as they do it?

The Person Irons a Red Dog of a Photo

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dogs Can define, the person, good before them, or bad?

Trying to find the answer to this question, already right at the beginning we face a vital issue. How ourselves will define, the specific person is bad or good? At each of us the criteria "plokhost" and "horoshesta", and an ideal, as we know, does not exist. Besides, "your enemy – the best friend to someone" — everything in this world is relative.

But having even laid aside subjectivity and having taken as a basis objective criteria of the good and evil "in a vacuum", we will hardly find proofs that dogs can define the person, good before us, or bad. Otherwise how to explain that dogs can live at very bad people and love them?

Even Adolf Hitler was the owner of a devoted dog, and it – the embodiment of the evil. And how then to be with dogs who protected, for example, the Soviet or fascist concentration camps?

Why dogs love some people, and do not love others?

Possibly, the answer to this question lies out of the plane "good" and "evil". More likely, dogs are guided by behavior of the specific person in a concrete situation and also on behavior of the owner.

Some dogs aggressively or watchfully react to people who unusually behave, and the dog can interpret their behavior as threat. For example, drunk people cause bewilderment and fears in many dogs.

Also dogs often do not love people who are nervous at their presence, talk loudly, make sharp and/or chaotic movements. Such behavior can be perceived by a dog as menacing, so, to cause the corresponding reaction.

The German Shepherd Barks at the Person of a Photo

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The dog also perfectly reads out signals of the owner, even extramental him and imperceptible to other people. And it is quite natural that if someone is not pleasant to us, then and our dog will treat such person watchfully, thereby strengthening us in opinion even more that we deal with the bad personality.

of the Dog are more sensitive to nonverbal signals of people, than ourselves. And even if you cannot understand what so guards your dog, she, most likely, quite could report on each point which seems to it suspicious if was able to speak.

Always the hostility of a dog to the person is justified?

Sometimes the hostility of a dog to specific people has under itself the reasons. For example, if the dog reads out signals of potential threat which you cannot see. But, alas, not always it so. Sometimes dogs do not love people who do not constitute any danger neither to you, nor to the pet – just because someone seemed to them "strange".

For this reason the best exit – during the period socialization to acquaint a puppy with as it is possible a large number of the most different people in the most different clothes, including, for example, with children and elderly people who can move and talk in a different way. Such dogs behave in relation to most of people if it is not friendly, then, at least, it is neutral.

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