• Jan 13, 2021

Sometimes happens that the dog so is afraid to go in the car that any trip turns into a nightmare. What to do in it case?

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We will be come to the rescue by a technique of desensitization and a kontrobuslovlivaniye. These words can sound terribly, but be not frightened. It is an effective way to calm dog and to change her attitude to the car.

It will be necessary for you the car, a dog and a favourite entertainment of the pet. And still some amount of time and patience.

What to do if the dog is afraid of cars: step-by-step scheme

First of all, it is necessary to find out at what moment the dog realizes that the car is near (or it already in the car), but at the same time remains quiet. For three meter to the car? For meter? When do you open a door? When it already in to the car, but you did not start the engine yet? Generally, define a critical point. And begin to work TO it.

For example, the dog begins to show discomfort (but does not panic yet) for 3 meters to the car. Means, we approach so that to the car there are 3.5 meters, we treat a dog with favourite delicacy and we turn back. So we do several times and we try to reduce a distance. The dog remains quiet? Perfectly, we go further. The dog begins to show the first signs of alarm? Means, it is a critical distance. It is necessary will stop a little earlier, to treat a dog and to turn back.

It is extremely important to note very first, very weak signs discomfort! And also in time to give delicacy. And not to allow expressed fear or panic. Otherwise the effect will be opposite. And instead of improvement the relations to the car you will develop disgust for favourite food that hardly will be useful.

Further you break a task into small steps and consistently you work each of them. For example, you approach the car on two steps, on a step, you open also you close a door, you ask a dog to jump in the car and at once to jump out, to jump and sit couple of seconds, so far you give delicacies, to sit longer, you sit down, you get and right there you switch off the engine, you start the engine, but you do not move, you pass couple of meters and you stop and so on, and to that similar.

If it is correct to do everything, you will be able to save a dog from fear of cars. But if you are not sure of the forces, it is worth asking for the help the expert working at a positive reinforcement (internally or online).

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