• Aug 14, 2019

Many have heard a lot how red wine (certainly, in reasonable quantities) and chocolate is useful for health. But whether you knew that the big research in Missouri proved: only 15 minutes of communication with the dog bring more benefit to health, than red wine and chocolate. Not to mention that your organism does not become soiled sugar and alcohol.

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As the research which proved advantage of dogs for mood and health was conducted

Hundred people (fifty owners of dogs and fifty people who have no dogs) were in the room at least fifteen minutes:

  • In the company of own dog (certainly, it concerned only owners of dogs).
  • In the company of an unfamiliar dog (all participants).
  • In the company of a dog robot (all participants).

During each stage of people quietly ironed and scratched a dog. Both at people, and took blood test from dogs at the beginning and at the end of an experiment. Also each five minutes measured arterial blood pressure of participants.

At people who communicated with the dog in fifteen minutes arterial blood pressure decreased on average by 10%. However communication with foreign dog and with a dog robot of such effect had no.

As dogs lighten us the mood

Also it became clear that communication with own dog promotes increase in the level of serotonin in blood. However communication with foreign dog did not influence the level of this hormone in any way, and communication with a dog robot, on the contrary, led to decrease in level of serotonin.

As many scientists consider that serotonin in many respects "is responsible" for our mood, and the low level of this hormone leads to a depression, it is possible to claim safely that dogs lighten us the mood and are excellent antidepressants.

Near a dog we can relax and derive pleasure – almost like from a chocolate bar. Only it is better.

Dogs help to improve health and even to lose weight

Not accidentally owners of dogs in the lump it is healthier , than the part of the population deprived of pleasure to communicate with canine friends. Dogs provide to us regular exercise in the fresh air and save from a hypodynamia.

And, considering what benefit of a dog is brought to us, it would only be fair to answer them with the same.

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