• Feb 10, 2020

the Vast majority of owners complains that dogs select on to the street any muck. Some try to fight against this habit different in the ways, sometimes cruel, others waved a hand … But even the most cruel methods do not give a guarantee that the dog will not grasp some bad substance, being without lead or when the owner turns away.

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Why it is so difficult to disaccustom dog to select rotten pieces on the street?

The matter is that the dog is the hunter and deathbird, and for it it is quite natural "to hunt" food, to track down "game" and to select what badly lies. And your pet very quickly studies that, that the smell leads to a reinforcement. So the dog selects food not because it is "bad" but because it … a dog!

Also the dog can select food, if it has problems with health (gastrointestinal disease) or is not enough some vitamins or mineral substances. In this case first of all costs to consult with the veterinarian and to strictly implement his recommendations.

In addition, aspiration "zapylesosit" a muck it can be connected with overexcitation or boredom.

What to do if a dog it is healthy, but at the same time there is enough everything what can reach? To allow a dog there is everything that will find? No, of course not! It not only is unpleasant, but also simply hazardously to health and pet's lives.

The answer is simple – it is necessary to teach dog to not selection in the humane ways. Yes, it will demand some time and efforts of you, but it is worth it.

Training of a dog in not selection includes several stages, is under construction from simple to difficult. And it is very important, that each stage came to an end with success of the pet.

Exercises which are used for training of a dog in not selection by humane methods:

  1. Zen.
  2. Game "It is possible – it is impossible".
  3. Dispersal pieces.
  4. Work with various provocations on a lead and without lead in different places and in different conditions.
  5. Performance various teams in the presence of the food scattered on the earth.
  6. Training to deduction of edible objects.
  7. Use flavourless provocations of the owner (others provocations).

You can learn it, having registered in our videocourse on training of a dog in not selection by humane methods.

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