• Aug 21, 2019

I think, I will express the general opinion on all dogs if I tell that it is worth letting four-footed in a bed though for one night as it will remain on all the subsequent there) the Bed is a valuable territory for which all family fights, in it we fill our forces and we receive a precious dream. It is often difficult to imagine the dog lover who would not allow a dog to sleep with him. It is so exciting to have a soft hot-water bottle in a bed.

A you thought of how the fact that the dog sleeps on your bed influences your dream. Scientists from the Arizonian clinic conducted the whole research on this subject. This scientific work is directed "to objective assessment of the impact of a dog on a dream of the person if she sleeps with you in one bed or in one room".

For a research 40 volunteers without sleep disorders were taken, each of which is the owner of a dog 6 months are more senior. Kept track of sleep quality within a week by means of accelerometers.

Expert in medicine of a dream, Lois Cran: "We found out that many people actually find feelings of comfort and safety from a dream with the pets". But the proximity to the pet costs him much. According to a research, dogs who divided a bed with the owners deprived of them a qualitative dream in comparison with group of dogs at whom separate berths in one room with a master's bed were provided.

Eventually, the result of a research says: "presence of a dog in the bedroom cannot be destructive for a human dream if the dog sleeps on the plank bed". If you start up the monstrik to yourself under a blanket, then be ready to its claws when it is let in a pursuit of a cat in one of the dreams.

Can disaccustom a dog to sleep on a bed

Happens, opinions in family differ, and then the pet suffers — the father allows a dog to sleep on a bed, and mother does not. Choose an accurate position and act at the same time. If you had a situation in the spirit of "small it was a pity, and now this boar occupies all bed", do not despair) First, you have to understand that the dog has to have the corner, the den. Equip with her a comfortable plank bed.

Secondly if you made the decision not to let a dog to a bed — do not let. The dog does not understand why now it is possible to lie on a bed, and in two hours it is impossible. Thirdly — to accustom from the very beginning much more simply, than to disaccustom. But also it is real. In order that the dog did not get a psychological trauma and at you the serious conflict did not develop, buy a new cover. Take a position — a new thing, a new order. You cannot jump and sleep not on a bed, namely on a cover. Always show patience and you remember that you will definitely find nothing shout. Quiet to you nights!

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