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You will seldom meet the person who would love mice. Rodents cause special fastidiousness in women. Interestingly, as dreams with mice are treated in the basic negatively. Foretell problems, quarrels, squabbles, misunderstanding. About troubles which are attracted by the dreamed mice, write also esoterics.

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Miller explains of the Dream with mice:

Do not wait for sincerity from friends, house troubles and also problems at work are possible.

If the mouse runs away, you have a rival.

The mouse dreamed the woman – treason from the elect is possible, or "girlfriends" start a certain artful plan.

Be going to see a mouse at yourself on clothes to scandal.

One of the few positive treatments: to kill a mouse – to win in an important issue, to defeat the rivals.

According to dream book by Tsvetkov to dream about a mouse:

Be afraid of the foes, they become strong and artful.

To see a mouse small – relatives, without wishing that, will hurt you.

If to spoymat the mouse running on the house – the desirable will be carried out.

Little white mice in a dream – matrimonial sincerity and fidelity.

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of the Dream with mice is explained by Nostradamus:

A dead mouse in a dream – to financial difficulties.

A large number of rodents – to war, hunger, epidemics.

Vanga as follows explains dreams with mice:

To see a mouse in a bed or about itself – to possible rise in price of products and other essentials.

The dreamed mouse is explained by the foreteller and as a certain secret about which snovidets does not know how to tell.

If the mouse dreams children, then they have no problems with peers, in collective is able to stand for itself and to show respect for others.

the mouse in a dream means According to esoteric dream book:

Small mice – to nonsenses, hit in a humorous situation. About same tells also a dream in which you run on the house for mice.

Siegmund Freud so treats a mouse in a dream:

Snovidets is not satisfied with the matrimonial relations and actively tries to change them or to stop.

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the Mouse in a dream according to dream book by Hasse:

Hasse in principle is sure: the dreamed mice foretell to the person something terrible, tragic. The white mouse in general is death sign.

And to you mice sometime dreamed? What was foretold by such dreams? You share the opinions in comments.

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