• Feb 7, 2020

Even in our culture where dogs, at least, in words are considered as the best friends of the person, many people hate these animals. And what to tell about the countries where dogs just eat! To us, owners and fans of dogs, it seems something beyond the good and evil.

Whether but everything is so iridescent even in the most safe countries? Within the history of relationship of people and animals the attitude towards dogs as to family members – quite new and unusual phenomenon.

 the Person and a dog go on the way to the sun a photo

Photo: maxpixel.net

If to look narrowly, problems in relationship of dogs and people are almost everywhere. For example, in quite safe USA still there are so-called "puppyish farms" where dogs are bred in incredible quantities and contain in awful conditions. Besides, there is a problem of stray dogs and the shortage of places in shelters. And it in the country where the special divisions controlling quality of life and level of wellbeing of pets work! What about the former Soviet Union to tell …

So matter not only in a difference of cultures and mentalities. And though the dog is considered the best friend of the person, the person, alas, did not become the best friend for a dog yet.

However, there is always a hope for the best.

For example, in some countries where dogs not very long ago of fir-tree (or eat still), the attitude towards these animals gradually changes more and more dogs become pets, but not the main course of the menu.

In the USA and Europe actively study intelligence of dogs and already made a set of the amazing discoveries, in a root changing our perception of mental capacities of animals.

Dogs actively influence our life. For example, the experiments which proved that pets promote to interaction with other people were made. Dogs take part in the programs of an animaloterapiya to help people to cope with physiological and psychological problems. And just do us more happily .

It installs belief that to dogs the better future in the world of people is prepared nevertheless.

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