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to Dream about a rodent often foretells troubles, but sometimes the dream has also positive value. Interpretation depends on circumstances, and in this case and the smallest details of what was seen.

And in life people treat rats cautiously. And to dream about a rodent – not that it is not pleasant, so also guards. Value of such dreams: nearby the foe relatives or colleagues try to deceive to quarrels, misunderstandings, the conflicts … The dream also speaks about internal problems of sleeping: reserve, meanness, greed, dishonesty in relation to others or even to.

Anyway, always something foretells a dream. And that, it is necessary to understand proceeding from circumstances of own life, the developed environment and desires.

Here some hints for interpretation of dreams:

Black, white, red rat

  • Worst of all to dream about a rat of black color. It means that you have an enemy, and he is strong. And to cope with him in life it will be difficult. Also dark rodent foretells problems in communication with relatives, family discord.
  • the White rat also does not promise good. It is a symbol of treachery, a lie and even treason. And deception will proceed in this case from the woman. Perhaps, she will act stealthily. And you can even not suspect about its intrigues.
  • the Little white infant rat means own fears and uncertainty. And it is necessary to get rid of them as soon as possible.
  • the Red rat warns about danger. And as about appearance of the rival or competitor on the personal front, and the strong competitor at work. And the red impudent fellow is capable to destroy family, to spoil reputation, to ruin career.
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When in a dream of rats there is a lot of

To dream as you are attacked by rats, or they fight among themselves — to a serious quarrel with the husband or the wife. Or to the conflicts at work.

If rodents not aggressive also gather from different places in one — wait for profit. And it is the good sign!

If you are bitten by a rat

Strangely enough, the rodent sting in a dream – is not terrible. On the contrary! It is the sign of what conceived will be carried out, and you will achieve a goal. Perhaps, receive both moral, and material remuneration.

If the rat bites by a hand, then it promises a meeting with the promised (oh), love and a wedding.

If the small animal in a dream only creeps on you, but does not bite, it foretells new acquaintances. And even beginning of the romantic relations. And the rat is larger, the meetings will be more pleasant.

If you pursue a rat in a dream

Such dream has double value. If rushed after a rodent and did not catch up, it speaks about a barren and dangerous scheme. And if caught up, then – about overcoming obstacles, success and good luck.

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The good sign also when the cat pursues a rat. And if catches up, sleeping waits for a pleasant surprise. For example, promotion, award, public recognition.

What means, to kill a rat in a dream?

To kill a rat – to success in affairs.

To see a dead small animal – problems shortly by itself will be solved. Perhaps, to reconciliation with competitors or old enemies.

If in a dream the rat is killed by the woman, then in life it means that the beloved will return to it from the competitor.

To poison rats – means to enter rigid fight against colleagues for the sake of increase.

To catch a rat barehanded

It means – to get chance to change life. The main thing – not to be frightened and not to miss a rodent.

As you can see, dreams with rats in the leading operating role — ambiguous. Can be both pleasant, and frightening. The main thing – "to consider" in them the hint. Such dreams precisely warn us about something.

Quite another matter — a lovely pet. To dream about a tame rat – to material welfare, pleasant news. And even to news of replenishment in family!

And to you rats dreamed sometime? What was foretold by such dreams?

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