• Aug 8, 2019

Walking is time of a unification of a dog and the person. And it is very important to spend this time with advantage. Your task — to optimize walking that it took place most interestingly and productively for you and your canine friend. Walk has to include training, active games and just measured walk.

it is better for
to carry out Training at the end of walking when the dog splashed out the excess of energy which is saved up during lying on a sofa waiting for your return from work.

we Will pass
to entertainments. Now on sale there are many toys of various firms, they differ in appointment, material, a form and the size. Let's talk about it in more detail: toys are latex, vinyl, rubber and textile.

of the Toy for walking of a dog: what to choose?

Latex and vinyl toys in the majority are equipped with a pishchalka and well work during training: draw attention. They are presented in wide assortment in pet-shops. The main firms producers are "TRIXIE", "HARTS", "ZIVER", SPEELGOED" and "BEZZLEES". The prices vary depending on the sizes and the producer (from 2.5 б. river to 10 б. river)

Also exists a huge number of rubber toys , various by the size and durability. Their main purpose is the aportirovka. The main representatives in the market of pet goods: "TRIXIE", "HARTS", "BALMAKS", "KONG", "Puller", "SUM-PLAST"," SPEELGOED", "BEZZLEES"," BOUNCE-N-PLAY". TRIXIE producers and" BOUNCE-N-PLAY" have flavored toys. There are "devices" which form and structure is directed to cleaning of teeth (" DENTAfun") thanks to what it is possible to kill two hares with one shot: both to play and to carry out sanitation of a mouth of your favourite. Cost also varies depending on the size (of 5:00 b.p till 25.00 б. river)

Also should note KONG which toys of production have the high durability and wear resistance, are made also quality material, have no unpleasant smell and are absolutely safe for dogs. The majority and them have an opening in which it is possible to hide delicacy . The price varies them depending on the sizes and model (from 18:3í. river till 32.00 б. river)

Also separately should consider the exercise machine for dogs of "Puller" . It is presented at the market of Belarus in two sizes: for small dogs (19 cm in the diameter) and for are large dogs (28 cm in the diameter). Set consists of two training rings. Material of a pillers does not injure teeth and gums of a dog, during a grasp teeth of an animal softly pass through a ring, without breaking at the same time a form and properties of a shell. It has high durability, bursts crumbles. The price of such shell depends on the size and varies of 18:00 b.p till 33.00 б. river

Should not forget about the simplest toys, such as balls on a rope . They well are suitable both for an aportirovka, and for pulling. The main representatives in the Belarusian market: "TRIXIE", "HARTS", SPEELGOED", "BEZZLEES", "BALMAKS", "LIKER", "KINOLOGPROFI" and "StarMark". The price varies of 5:00 b.p till 18:00 б. river

Textile and rope toys in the market are presented in the following forms: wattled braids with hubs, balls, kusalka are intended for pulling and an aportirovka ("TRIXIE" "HARTS" "BALMAKS" "LIKER" "R2P Pe" of "KONG" "GIGWI" "KINOLOGPROFI" SPEELGOED" to "BEZZLEES" "OSSO FASHION", "JULIUS K-9"). Depending on the sizes the price varies ot3.50 b.p up to 40.00 б. river

Also good entertainment for all family will be of frisbee and a boomerang Doglike of "TRIXIE" "HARTS". Thanks to them it is possible to spend time and to have a rest all family and also to learn new tricks. The price varies of 7:00 б. river to 20.00 б. river

Also on sale are presented to interactive toys for dogs of TRIXIE. They well will be suitable both for the house, and for the street. The price of such toy from 35.00b. river to 40.00 б. river

Still personally for me an irreplaceable thing — a catapult for balls . It represents a long stick with a curve on the end in which the ball invests, and is intended for throwing a ball on a long distance. I found a catapult of TRIXIE in our pet-shops. It is in two options: with a ball and with a disk. There is also a set of anonymous catapults of the Chinese production, but quite quite good quality. The price is from 15 б. river to 40 б. river

For large breeds of dog is aportirovochny objects . They are made of a tree and happen, as a rule, in shape a dumbbell. Such toys can be used not only for professional training, but also for games. You will find dumbbells of KINOLOGPROFI and Playup in Belarus. Price: from 2.b. river

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