• Oct 23, 2020

Occurs opinion that people choose the dog similar on itself. So, we can assume that the choice of breed of the pet will tell a lot of things about character of the owner. And what then it is possible to tell about character of the owner to Cana corso?

Kan Corso Lies Fall of a Photo
of the Photo: google.com

Certainly, this the text is comic so you should not treat it too seriously. However not in vain say that in each joke there is also a part of the truth.

So if you chose from all variety of dog breeds to Cana corso …

  1. If you chose as the pet to Cana corso probably your motto: "Always on the law enforcement officer!"
  2. You are convinced that endurance and persistence – a way to achievement of success.
  3. You are so betrayed by that whom you love that your love sometimes turns into dependence. And each hour in separation seems eternity on boondocks of hell.
  4. You share the point of view that the person is more balanced, the higher him potential.
  5. You accurately draw line between personal and others'. And to cross this line the stranger oh as it is difficult!
  6. Implicit submission so you could make quite good career in army is not a burden on you.
  7. At the same time the aspiration to follow recent trends of fashion is not alien to you. It is worth remembering, however, that the fashion is changeable, and the good taste is relevant always.

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