• Mar 26, 2020

Such question is asked by many potential owners, trying to understand, whether there will be enough at them forces and time for the favourite. However to answer a question how many it is necessary for time for a dog in day, not so simply. Here everything is very individual.

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Let's understand.

A dog it is necessary to walk is at least 2 hours a day. But can be more, it depends on breed of a dog and her specific features. However it is not less in any way.

The dog needs to be fed – means, if you choose natural food, it should be bought and, perhaps, to prepare. With a dry feed in this sense it is simpler.

Care of wool, and it is necessary can be daily, weekly, several times a week or more rare, but demanding more than time for 1 time (as, for example, trimming). Here all depends on features of your dog.

Hygienic are necessary procedures, and here everything is individual too.

With a dog it is necessary to be engaged. As often and what is the time it will be required, depends on your purposes and abilities to to training. But at least once a week it is worth being engaged with any dog. Occupation duration – business individual, about it we write in the section much about to training of dogs.

Besides, there are unforeseen situations which can demand your attention in the round-the-clock mode on extent of several days.

So there is no definite answer to the question "What Is the Time in Day It Is Necessary on a Dog?". And what is the time you spend for the child? On the partner? For work? Everything is very individual!

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