• Aug 21, 2019

Wavy popugaychik are widely known for the excellent hearing and a magnificent voice. Especially brightly artistic talent is shown at males. To disclose all the abilities the female can be helped by her feathery relative who is nearby. Listening to the friend's friend, popugaychik are chirped more actively, creating the unique duets.

The Wavy Popugaychik Listens to Music
the Excellent incentive for a concert is music which is pleasant to your pet. However here not everything is so simple: each pet prefers the music. There are popugaychik which like classical music, to a rap or disco. In total as at people.

If to put to the pet a favourite melody, he will not only sing, but also to dance, causing admiration and pride of owners.

To learn musical preferences of the pet, put to him compositions a miscellaneous of styles and the directions and you monitor reaction. If the bird sharply claps wings, is restless, rushes about on a cage, then the selected song should be excluded from a record library of a parrot. To the contrary, cooing, a podpevaniye, dances are signs of a right choice.

Is important! Suggesting to listen to melodies to the pet, to you it is not necessary to listen in one day to many styles at once.

As well as the person, a parrot will simply be tired of a large number of sounds, and its reaction to them will be biased.

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