• Feb 7, 2020

Sometimes owners complain that the dog "badly" behaves. They, apparently, make all efforts to correct a situation – and uselessly, it becomes better not (and even the situation worsens). What to do first of all if the dog "badly" behaves?

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Certainly, education and/or correction of behavior allows to prevent or correct many problems. However, if the dog began to behave "badly", and you do not know the reason, in the first turn it is worth thinking of whether it is healthy. For example, irritation and aggression, and also unwillingness to execute these or those commands often are connected with physical discomfort (and even severe pain), infinite pools in the house – with cystitis, swallowing of inedible objects – with diseases of digestive tract and etc., etc.

The matter is that if the problem has the physiological reason, that is it is connected with the state of health, no correction of behavior and training will yield the necessary result. They can, for example, is momentary to give aggression, but will not remove the discomfort cause, so, to a dog who is not treated, and "bring up" will become it is worse, and in the long term the problem will only be aggravated. It is possible to rub the nose of a dog in a pool, and she will begin to hide, but no ways will force it to suffer longer, than she is able physically.

Therefore if you noticed that the dog "strange" or "badly" behaves, first of all it is worth consulting with the veterinarian. And if found a disease, to treat it. Then, quite perhaps, correction of behavior will be unnecessary.

And what to do that the dog behaved well, you ask? To learn everything about education and training of dogs by humane methods you can, having registered in our videocourses.

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