• Sep 16, 2019

If the cat well feels, she adores playing. Besides, a game — purr one of the best ways to make friends with. What toys it is better to choose for a cat to give to the favourite pleasure?

 the Striped kitten plays with a plush toy of a photo

On a photo: the kitten plays with a toy. Photo: maxpixel.net

what cats play?

Pet-shops offer the huge range of toys for cats. It both "mice", and hand bells, and fur balls, and suspended objects. And as murlyka like to drive the soft toy filled with cat's mint on the house!

One more option of toys for cats — "teasers": a short rod with the attached ball or a plumelet. You can wave slightly with "teaser" before a kitten, and then draw aside a hand that "production" escaped. Most likely, your fluffy "predator" with pleasure will join in a pursuit.

There are intellectual toys giving to a cat an opportunity to solve a puzzle to reach a ball or pieces of delicacy.

 the Toy puzzle for a cat of a photo

Photo: flickr.com

However toys it is possible to make also with own hands.

For example, the cat willingly will drive the ball twisted from paper about the room, to exhaust under a sofa and to try to get from there. However it is impossible to do such balls of a foil or a polyethylene film — it is life-threatening your pet.

In a doorway on a linen elastic band it is possible to hang up a soft toy.

And from of cardboard boxes can create the whole game town, having connected "rooms" tunnels and having established them at the different levels. Certainly, if the place in the house allows.

What to consider, offering a cat of a toy?

  1. Make sure that a toy of rather big size that the cat could not swallow it.
  2. it is important that the cat in access had at the same time several different toys at choice.
  3. Periodically remove one or several toys and replace them new. Through some time the hidden toys can be offered a cat again. So she will retain to them interest.
  4. Stuffing from cat's mint in toys demands periodic replacement — in this case the toy will remain attractive for a murlyka.

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