• Feb 7, 2020

Some do not decide to get a dog, having had heard plenty of "horror films" that every day, in the winter and in the summer, it is necessary to rise at 5 — 6 in the morning to walk the pet. Whether the truth it and when it is necessary to rise for walk with a dog?

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When dogs wake up?

Of course, it is necessary to consider that dogs are predatory animals who, as well as the majority of predators, are most active at dawn and at sunset. However whether it means that in the summer you should get up for walk with a dog at 4 o'clock? It is not obligatory at all.

Dogs for long centuries of life near the person learned to adapt under his way of life and adopt habits of the favourite owner. So it is quite possible to accustom a dog to that rhythm and a daily routine to which you got used. That is, if you want to accustom a dog that morning walk will take place at ten o'clock, you quite are able to do it.

However should be considered nevertheless that the day regimen of a dog has to be more or less constant. It is necessary to feed a puppy before walk, and an adult dog — after walk. And not to take a break between walkings it is more than 12 hours (for an adult dog) even if it seems to you that she is ready to suffer. Therefore if you want to sleep longer in the morning, evening walking has to be later too.

How to accustom a dog not to awake the owner at dawn?

What to do if the dog awakes you at 5 in the morning, and you would like to sleep at least till 7 o'clock? You can gradually accustom her to the new schedule.

Remember time in which the dog usually awakes you. If 5 hours, so in the first day you put the alarm clock even earlier (for example, at 4:30), you get up and you make all usual morning actions, including you walk a dog. For the second day you put the alarm clock at 4:45 (that is too a little earlier, than the dog got used to awake you). And every day gradually you shift rise time, but it is important that you got up on the alarm clock and did not rearrange it "for five minutes" in the morning after it rings out.

Gradually you will be able to finish awakening time till treasured 7 o'clock — the dog will wait for an alarm clock call. And then at least two more weeks it is necessary to rise on the alarm clock exactly at this time. Then it is possible to cease to put the alarm clock or to put for that time what is convenient to you.

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If the dog sleeps badly at night and in any way cannot be reconstructed, but at the same time you precisely know that she is healthy probably she does not cope with the high level of excitement. In this case it is necessary to work with a condition of a dog: to use the protocol of relaxation and also to bring more orderliness in the pet's life, to develop rituals clear to a dog which will add predictability.

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