• Sep 18, 2019
of an Eye at a horse are located the heads on each side, and a sight zone extremely wide. Therefore it is sometimes very difficult to understand where exactly watches a horse.
 the Bay horse watches afar a photo
Sometimes to understand
where it watches a horse, it is possible, being guided by proteins at edge of an eye. However it not always helps.

One more way to understand where the attention of a horse is directed – to look narrowly at position of her ears. The horse looks there where her ears are directed.
A if ears are directed in different directions – whether it means what the horse, like a chameleon, watches in different directions? No – nevertheless it is considered that the movements of horse eyes are coordinated, and both eyes look in one direction.
 Ears of a horse are sent in different directions to a photo
Sometimes the horse who works in hands or under a saddle sends to
ears back. It not necessarily means that she is dissatisfied. Probability is high that thus it is concentrated on signals of human hands – that is kind of "looks back".
How to distinguish the moments when the horse looks back and when she is dissatisfied if in that, and in other case it takes away ears back? Here we will be come to the rescue by lips of a horse. If ears are directed back and lips are strained - it is a discontent signal. If ears "look" back, but lips are relaxed - it is an indicator that the attention of a horse is directed back.
 Ears of a horse are turned back

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