• Sep 18, 2019

Everyone who watched horses noticed that the herd has structure. Someone from horses is always surrounded by tribespeople, some go in a distance, there are "unseparable couples" and stable groups. Also horses by no means not chaotically move. Means, someone operates herd, is the main thing. Who main in herd of horses?

 the Herd of horses runs a photo

On a photo: herd of horses. Photo: pixabay.com

How to understand, who main in herd?

Scientists carefully study behavior of animals, including horses. – it is attentive to watch one of methods herd life from outside and to write down everything that occurs including who with whom and as interacts – it is literally per second. You can be engaged in it too.

Do not neglect observations of horses! It is sometimes surprising that people who communicate with a horse many years, but at the same time see her only at trainings, very badly imagine how horses when the person does not interfere with their life behave.

How to understand, who main in herd? You need to write down any manifestation of aggression which you see: "rat" (a kivaniye the head with the pressed ears), blows, stings, squeal, the raised leg, an osazhivaniye of other horse. Who to whom threatens and how the horse who is threatened reacts? Accuracy of a research depends on as far as you are attentive and as spent in herd much time.

Then horses are ranged – so that the horse on the top line never took the battering from horses on lines below. A horse who can threaten with impunity others (not obligatory to beat, perhaps, everything was limited to slightly pressed ears or slightly raised leg), but at the same time to which nobody threatens it is and there is the main horse (dominants) of herd.

 horses runs on the photo camera

On a photo: herd of horses. Photo: maxpixel.net

However, at you will hardly turn out linear hierarchy – a straight line from the leader of herd to the most low-rank horse. The matter is that horses are connected by very difficult relationship, including friendship, hostility and relationship. In accuracy as at people.

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