• Oct 9, 2020

you sometime noticed that your dog chases behind the tail? It makes laugh some owners, touches some, and frightens some. Why the dog chases a tail and whether so harmlessly similar behavior?

The Red Dog a Puppy Chases a Photo Tail
of the Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

4 reasons why the dog chases the tail

  1. A way to have a good time. If the pet conducts boring, monotonous life, he can have a good time, chasing own tail. If the reason in it," target=" has to think providing to a canine friend more a variety . The boredom can become the reason a distress (a bad stress) and eventually to pour out in physiological and/or behavioural problems.
  2. A way to draw attention. If you usually ignore the pet, but react to races behind a tail, the dog quickly learns that it is a great way to catch your attention. Exit in this case: to ignore attempts to catch a tail, but to pay attention when he behaves well to the favourite. Do not stint a praise and caress!
  3. Feeling of discomfort. Dogs often try to chew and lick those places which hurt. And if the dog tries to catch own tail, it is worth being convinced that the pet has no trauma, dermatitis or an allergy. And also parasites. In addition, neurologic problems or inflammation of anal glands can be the reasons of attempts to catch a tail. It is worth addressing as soon as possible the veterinarian and to implement his recommendations.
  4. Persuasive motive stereotypy. This quite serious condition. If you noticed that the dog chases the tail long and persistently, at the same time it is probably difficult to distract her the reason in stereotypies . In this case not to do without consultation of the expert.

As you can see, you should not disregard that the dog chases the tail. And rather you will help a canine friend, the your joint life will be happier.

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