• Oct 5, 2020

Many dogs adore chasing cats. And sometimes it turns into a problem for owners. Not to mention that similar the pursuit can become dangerous, for example, if the dog, having been fond of prosecution, jumps out on the road will also be run over by a car.

Why dogs chase cats and how to disaccustom a dog to pursue cats?

The Border Collie Runs on the Photo Camera
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Why a dog chases cats?

Dogs by the nature – the predators pursuing production. And at many dogs the hunting instinct is quite well developed. Therefore for such pyosely extremely it is difficult to refrain from prosecution of so tempting production as fluffy the running-away cat.

And as the similar behavior is self-supported (that is contains an award in the action), it very quickly becomes favourite habit. And a headache for the owner who continually is looking out not whether the next murlyka will heave in sight.

How to disaccustom a dog to chase cats?

Here it is necessary to ask in a different way and to begin with bases.

First of all, it is necessary to develop motivation of a dog to communicate with you. It is necessary that the owner became for the pet the center of the Universe, the most interesting being. In any case, it is more interesting than some there cat. It can do to seem difficult, but actually for this purpose it is worth building just correctly process of communication with the pet and trainings.

It is also necessary to develop self-checking, ability to behave in at a dog paws in the presence of irritants and in a condition of excitement. There are special exercises which will help to cope with this task.

And if it is correct to do everything, then soon you are convinced that irritants stopped being for you a problem, and the dog easily concentrates attention to you also does not seek to chase cats.

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