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of People at which there live several cats at once will confirm that more than once noticed their love to licking of each other. Such moments look very lovely and raise a smile. But whether you sometime asked a question: why cats lick other cats? Let's understand.

It would seem, everything is simple – our human intuition prompts that this manifestation of love. But actually, it appears, harder and harder. And it is more difficult so that scientists carefully study this phenomenon not only among domestic cats, but also lions, primacies and many other species of mammals.

Social communications

In 2016, for example, by scientific community it was declared officially that licking of each other is one their three main ways by means of which cats in packs show unity.

So when the cat licks other cat, it means that between them social communications were created. Lodgers of another, pack unfamiliar to them, for example, will hardly receive such tendernesses. And it is quite logical.

, the cat, pets, a kitten licks a cat

photo: catster.com

Than better cats are familiar and than they are closer, that high probability of the fact that they will begin to lick each other. Mother cat with pleasure will continue to wash the already adult kittens as between them there is a special communication.

Help in care of wool

Moreover, cats often "ask" the neighbors to help them with care of wool. Usually it is parts of a body which him it is difficult to reach.

Did you notice what people generally iron and scratch cats on the head or in a neck? It is also those places which cats most often help to lick each other. For this reason if the person begins to iron to the pet other parts of a body, it often causes discontent and aggression. The scientists dealing with this issue also came to such conclusion.

Maintenance of the high status

One more find – cats of higher status in pack lick less dear cats, and not vice versa more often. The hypothesis consists that, perhaps, prepotent individuals thus fix the situation that is safer way in comparison with a fight.

 a cat, the red cat, a gray cat, two cats lick each other

photo: catster.com

Maternal instinct

And, of course, it is impossible to forget also about a maternal instinct. To lick a newborn kitten – a problem of paramount importance for mother cat, his smell can attract predators.

 the kitten, a cat, a cat licks a kitten

photo: catster.com

Such behavior — a symbol both love, and protection. Kittens adopt this skill from mother, and at the age of 4 weeks kids begin to be licked, on this procedure about 50% of time will leave in the future.

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