• Feb 7, 2020

Leaving, you for a while left a dog in the yard and when returned, surprised. The dog obviously spent time with advantage: in your front garden the hole which can quite be turned into the small pool flaunts. Why dogs dig the earth and how to disaccustom a dog to digging?

Why dogs dig the earth?

Digging of the earth is quite natural behavior for a dog. Quite so her ancestors in many cases arrived. Here only in the conditions of modern life the ability of a message of excavation is not always pleasant to owners. And to understand how to disaccustom a dog to dig, it is necessary to know why she digs the earth.

 the Black dog digs a hole on the beach of a photo

Photo: wikimedia.org

The reasons can be a little:

  1. Hunting instinct . Especially it is characteristic of "norny" dogs: dachshunds and small terriers. And it is quite probable that your pet guessed "game" (for example, a mouse or a mole) and tried to get it.
  2. Boredom . If you do not pay to a dog enough attention, do not offer optimum physical and intellectual activity, in life of a dog there is not enough variety , she will look for entertainments independently. And digging of holes in this case – quite noteworthy occupation of a dog.
  3. Attempt to be cooled during a heat . Dogs during a heat "open" a top soil to lie down on the cold earth and to be cooled.
  4. Creation of strategic stocks . You treated a dog with delicacy, but for some reason she decided to preserve it for rainy day. And how still to hide an entertainment if not in the earth? And then, perhaps to consider that the place is chosen insufficiently successfully, and to perepryatat.
  5. Flight attempt . Undermining under a fence – very effective way to receive freedom if it is expensive to a dog, and you do not provide enough walks or behind a fence extraordinary attractive object – for example, techny a bough for a dog appeared.

Photo: flickr.com

But happens that the dog digs not only the earth on the street, but also tries to dig a floor in the apartment. What can it be connected with?

If the dog tramples down a laying before settling to sleep, this normal behavior, heritage from ancestors who trampled down a grass to create "nest".

Sometimes the dog digs a floor quite nervously, tries to lay down this way and that. In this case it is worth consulting with the veterinarian – such behavior can indicate problems with health (for example, arthritis).

How to disaccustom a dog to dig the earth?

  1. Analyse whether five freedoms dogs are satisfied with and if is not present, make changes to conditions of her life.
  2. Find for a dog more time, organize full physical and intellectual activities, train in tricks , offer search games .
  3. If on the street hot, be convinced that the dog can take refuge in a shadow and has access to cool drinking water.
  4. It is possible to create a special "kopatelny corner" in the yard and to dig there toys, and then to suggest the pet to find them.
  5. If the dog tries to escape and for this purpose constructs undermining, you should strengthen perimeter – for example, to drive the metal gauze on depth about 50 cm.
  6. If you do not manage to disaccustom independently a dog to digging of holes and you are not ready to be reconciled with it too, perhaps, it is worth addressing the professional who will be able to understand what the behavior of a dog is connected with, and will help to make the correctional program.

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