• Feb 7, 2020

Probably, most of owners of dogs will agree that their pets do not transfer drunk people to spirit. Some just avoid such persons, and others are ready to eat, without chewing, only give the chance. Why dogs do not love drunk?

 the Dog smells a glass with photo wine

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Alas, but serious researches on this subject were not conducted so we can only assume and make different hypotheses – different degree of probability.

The first hypothesis of why dogs do not love drunk : dogs do not like an alcohol smell. Really, in the nature relatives of dogs most often avoid fermentation products. And, for example, grapes – one of products forming a basis for alcoholic beverages — for dogs are toxic: it can become the reason of a sharp renal failure. Not to mention alcohol – it is not recommended to give it to dogs categorically. However, there are owners who for fun accustom dogs to alcohol and even form at those dependence, but consequences for health of animals are sad.

In most cases an alcohol smell is not pleasant to dogs. And sense of smell at these animals – one of principal organs of feelings. And even if we screw up the face from a smell of the reek of alcohol, for dogs it, probably, is absolutely terrible.

Besides, alcohol intake changes and began to smell bodies of the person as under the influence of "crooked the elbow" work of a secretory system changes. And this smell can be extremely unpleasant to dogs too.

So the version that the smell of alcohol is intolerable for dogs and therefore they try to steer clear of its source (or to banish from themselves this source) is quite viable.

But this version not only.

According to second version , the drunk person in a different way moves, he breaks coordination of movements. And for a dog such being becomes absolutely unpredictable – difficult even to foresee a trajectory of his movement not to mention that it can make at the next moment. And all unpredictable causes in dogs, at least, vigilance, and even caution. And where the fear, there and aggression, especially if a dog cannot steer clear of the drunk person (for example, it is limited by a lead).

Besides the drunk person who hardly stands on feet becomes vulnerable. The dog is a hunter by the nature, and that which chooses the weakest victim from herd – not for nothing ancestors of dogs wolves are considered as "hospital attendants of the wood". And what the being who drives here and there is? For certain easy mark! And it is not so terrible to attack it. It is the third version .

The fourth hypothesis is connected with negative experience. Sometimes unpleasant experience of a dog when in the past drunk people offended her takes place or tried to do harm to its owner. And all drunk are perceived since then as foes who need to be neutralized beforehand.

 the Dog attacks a photo

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Besides, drunk people sometimes become too sociable and try to give up acquaintance dogs even if the last are not located to it at all. It is too not that life experience which our pets want to have. It is the fifth version .

Anyway, the fact that dogs do not love drunk needs to be considered. If you the owner of a dog, is better to avoid drunk (especially the companies). And to fans to take strong drinks it is worth refraining from communication with the dogs especially unfamiliar.

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