• Jan 27, 2021

Many owners of dogs come to despair because of habits of pets to roll in any smelly muck during walk. Why dogs are attracted by smells which are so disgusting to us?

The Golden Retriever a Dog Rolls in a Photo Muck
of the Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

Dogs are attracted by both someone else's excrement, and rotten fish, and drop, and many other things, capable to cause in us at least a disgust grimace.

The final answer to a question why dogs so like to roll in smelly mucks, no. However scientists make several hypotheses.

of the Dog roll in a smelly muck to disguise the smell on hunting

Really, wolves like to rub smells from which us in wool too turns back. But here the version that they do it to deceive production and to mask, raises doubts.

The Canadian scientists made an experiment. They offered groups of wolves different options as natural, so artificial aromas, also studied preferences gray predators.

It is surprising that excrement of potential production (horses or sheep) wolves did not interest at all. As well as different types of food. And here artificial smells (engine oil, perfumery, etc.) were to the taste to them.

And then question: as it is possible to mask the presence by means of smells, which are absent under natural conditions just? It is at least irrational. And animals are beings rational.

The second in appeal for wolves were smells of excrements more large predators (pumas and bears) that too does not correspond to initial theories.

Pat Gudmann, the researcher of behavior of wolves in the State of Indiana, found out that wolves prefer smells of either other canids, or cat's. That is predators.

Besides, wolves seldom hunt from an ambush, more often they pursue production, and to them no matter, whether they are noticeable. Therefore the version about masking looks not too well-founded.

of the Dog roll in a smelly muck to pretend to be someone another

One more version of scientists is as follows. When canids roll in excrement of other predators (for example, bears or pumas), they pretend to be someone more dangerous.

Max Allen, the scientist from the university of Wisconsin, studied gray foxes. And found out that these animals regularly visit on the sites marked pumas to be rubbed about tags. Allen suggested that it helps foxes to avoid meetings with coyotes. Like, the smell of a puma gives to a fox an opportunity to disappear from a coyote who would attack a fox, but will not venture to pursue a puma.

But wolves – rather successful and large predators, to them why to use others smells?

Or perhaps animals rub about others smell to leave own?

Max Allen's version is not divided by other scientist, British Stephen Harris (University of Bristol). It is convinced that the animal purpose – not to collect others smells, and to extend the. And unfamiliar aroma just stimulates canids to rub about the same places to leave there own tags.

However, dogs when roll in "skunks", are seldom limited to that, to leave the smell. They fall out so that all trunk smells! So that this version does not look completely convincing too. In any case, it does not explain all cases.

Fulling in a smelly muck – a way to transfer information to relatives

It is one more version. According to it, wolves, for example, roll in pakhushchy substances to tell relatives where they were. And Erich Klingchammer, the creator Parka of wolves, assumes that fulling in a muck – the message another to members of pack: "there is so much tasty!"

For example, scientists observed how wolves, having found big production, not only eat it, but also rub, ride nearby, etc. And, perhaps, let know to friends, that there from where they came to eat than profit.

In drop also hyenas shake – after that relatives render to them active courtesies.

The Ethiopian wolves like to ride after a meal on the ground too. However, they not to use away as "spirits" and human excrement.

the Strong smell – something like "uniform"

There is one more version.

Studying of the Canadian wolves showed that when the pack finds strongly smelling the place, the first rides the leader, and after that the others follow his example. As as if the leader defines how all members of pack will smell.

The similar behavior is observed not only at wolves, but also at coyotes and also at foxes.

Females of African hunting dogs ride on the ground where there were tags of males, if you want to join them.

And dogs sometimes rub the friend about the friend.

What else is versions?

And there is more to come hypotheses!

The veterinarian, the expert in behavior of animals Stanley Coren considers that try to be allocated with similar behavior of a dog. As the people who are putting on bright clothes.

Myuriel Brasseur, the representative of the center of studying of behavior of animals in Oxford, considers that fulling in a muck causes strong inflow in dogs dopamine – "satisfaction hormone". So it not only echoes of behavior, providing survival, but also … it is just cheerful!

However, from it it is not easier for owners of dogs. But, if we fell in love with dogs, have to continue to love them even dirty. And smelly. To wash and love. Such is a fate of a sobakovladelets.

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