• Aug 21, 2019

are even posted On the Internet by videos how favourites play music

What reasons that dogs howl, having hardly caught music sounds? Whether such behavior is norm and what to do if "singing" of doggies gives an inconvenience to neighbors?

there Is no

a reason for concern

Howling of dogs in unison music – the phenomenon quite explainable. Matter in sensitive hearing of an animal. If to compare to acoustical opportunities of the person, then we distinguish sounds ranging from 20 up to 20,000 Hz, and dogs hear already at a frequency of 20,000 Hz, and at times even within 35,000 - 70,000 Hz.

Also chetverolapy much better than people "understand" changes of tones half tones, speed and the loudness of sounds. So we can envy their natural abilities only. All doggies without exception, and especially sentry (at them hearing is developed even better!), could become great musicians.

do not bring to dogs discomfort

Though all dogs "understand" music, not everyone "sings". Perhaps it is all about us?

  • Pets are sensitive to sounds and howl when music plays too loudly. The sound can bring to a doggie discomfort. Help the favourite – make a sound more silent, and howls will stop.
  • the Dog "sings" under a certain melody. Look narrowly: music can be pleasant to the pet, then he howls with pleasure. If the dog is nervous, and howl it is similar to suffering, switch off music and do not include at its presence.
  • In case howl interferes the pet with neighbors, it is necessary to look for a compromise. Or loudly to listen to music when there are no neighbors the house, either to listen more quietly, or not to listen …

Musical addictions of canine friends are as various as characters and tastes. Completely only you will be able to understand the pet! Be attentive to a doggie then "you will sing" with him on one wave.

And your dogs sing?

Earlier we already wrote about dog "singing" and about what behind it is. Perhaps, it will be interesting to you: "
to Us it is ridiculous, and to them — not really … Video "

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