• Jan 11, 2020

Harmful, but at the same time still widespread myth – that small doggies do not need to walk, put a diaper – and the pet is happy. At the end supposedly we do not force it to suffer the ends with a great effort.

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If such option suits the owner, it is possible, of course, to accustom a dog to go to a toilet to a diaper. But it does not cancel need for walking! Little dogs have the same requirements, as big. Including the need to carry out vidotipichny behavior, to study the world around and to communicate with relatives.

Therefore a duty of owners – to grant them 5 rights ( of 5 freedoms ) on which has the right to count any pet. So walking for small doggies is also obligatory, as well as for big. Moreover, the minimum need for walking at any dog (from a chihuahua to the Irish wolfhound) – 2 hours a day.

Lack of walks or insufficient walks – the reason of a set of problems, as physiological (for example, obesity and other problems with health), and psychological, in that number of destructive behavior. And each additional 10 minutes of walks, by results of researches, reduce the probability of emergence of behavioural problems.

How to train and bring up a dog that she pleased, but did not upset you, you can learn, having registered in our videocourses on training of dogs by humane methods.

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