• Feb 7, 2020
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how many dogs around the world live in families as pets, hardly sometime will work well. However researches demonstrate that the quantity of dogs steadily grows from year to year. At the same time keeping of animals is connected with a set of efforts. Why do people get dogs?

 the Dog in family of a photo

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Dog as part of a family system

In psychology there is a direction which is called "system family therapy". Followers of this direction consider family as a system which each member – its element performing certain functions for the solution of important tasks. And each family system solves two problems:

  1. Development.
  2. Maintaining stability (homeostasis).

If one of system elements changes, the system entirely changes. And it is inevitable, all elements of a system (family members) constantly interact among themselves and with the outside world, let and not always realizing it.

What does it have to do with dogs, you ask? The matter is that dogs are full elements of a family system too, we want that or not.

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What role is played by a dog in family?

Anna Varga, the system family psychotherapist, allocates 3 functions which can carry out dogs in a family system:

  1. Replacement . For example, children grow up, and parents take a puppy in common to care for him.
  2. Separation of the teenager . The dog sometimes helps the teenager "to defend" independence, with it the special relations which can be a prototype of future own family are formed.
  3. Participant of "triangle" (triangulation) . For example, if between the husband and the wife tension increases, they get a dog to have "intermediary" and/or rather safe subjects for communication and also to establish an acceptable distance that reduces voltage level in family.

For this reason appearance of a dog in family is not accidental. Often the puppy or an adult dog appears while the family endures crisis and stabilization is necessary. And to understand what role is played by a dog in family, it is important to know what preceded its emergence.

Of course, also other people can play all these roles. For example, in "triangles" very often involve children. But people nevertheless are the beings who are difficult giving in to control. And the dog – creation, whose life completely controls the owner.

The role of a dog in family can change over time – it depends on a stage of development of family and on relationship between her members.

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