• Feb 3, 2020

Some owners to induce a dog to move, accustom her to run behind light speck from a laser pointer. It can look funny, however is not so harmless entertainment as it would be possible to assume.

 the setter yawns a close up of a photo
of the Photo: piqsels.com

For example, doctor of veterinary science Nicholas Tufts University's Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine writes that "the running-away Ogoniok includes" at a dog a hunting instinct, forcing to pursue "production". However at the same time she never achieves the objective – that is does not catch subject to hunting (in difference, for example, from material toys). And the similar dissatisfaction can do huge harm to mentality of a dog.

It does not mean that run for laser pointers it is unconditionally harmful. "In small doses" it will not damage (though it is possible to find entertainments better). But if the dog begins to perceive such hunting too seriously also shows discomfort signals (pants, continues to look for the escaped point, even when you switched off a pointer, tries to get a pointer from your pocket, and even bites you if you hold the pet from a pursuit of a spark and in general looks intense) – a game already obviously stops being useful. And many owners, unfortunately, cannot in time to notice these signs and to stop.

And even if you will throw delicacy at the end of the game, it will not facilitate a condition of a dog.

It is exciting to play with a dog. But nevertheless it is better to find entertainments, more useful to the pet, than infinite bustle behind imperceptible production.

About what games should be used to teach a dog to useful things, you can recognize from our courses by education and training of dogs by humane methods.

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