• Jan 11, 2020
Some owners prefer to walk by

dogs on a short lead "for convenience". However convenience in this case doubtful. Why is not necessary to walk with a dog on a short lead?

Photo: wikimedia.org

There are 2 reasons:

  1. If the lead is shorter than 2 meters, you will not be able to teach a dog to go on sagged lead. She will always pull it, to pull, and you can do nothing with it to make (except as unless to be irritated). The problem is that in it case the dog constantly is in your personal space, and her from it it is not too comfortable. And, certainly, if it wants to a dog elementary to smell a grass or a bush, she will not be able to make it, without pulling and without pulling lead – and without world research full walks are impossible.
  2. At to meeting with other dog the aggression manifestation probability because is high your dog will not be able just to show signals of reconciliation and peacefully to disperse. To it it is banal there will be no place to get to, and, most likely, she will pull the lead, and the dog going on the tense lead is perceived by relatives as ready to attack.

So it is the best of all to choose for walks a lead at least 3 meters long (and it is better more). It will make walks more pleasantly and more safely both for you, and for your pet.

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