• Sep 16, 2019

You for certain appeared in a situation, when you have to sit down only at the computer to read news, to find the recipe of a new dish or to write the paper as two pairs of cat's pads inconsiderately go into your keyboard. Happens that besides blocking of the keyboard they write out multiple-valued "олыплоылофп" or press a magic combination of keys which overturns your screen head over heels. And it happens too.

you for certain suspect that your cat not the so computer genius and definitely does not try to write the own book. But then with what it is so attracted by your laptop? It appears, to it there are several explanations.

photo: Pixabay

Play of textures

Cats very much like soft surfaces therefore they so like to lie on soft pillows and blankets and to softly mass them pads. Though the keyboard and not soft, keys which go deep when pressing create similar effect. And when you print, it looks so as if you slightly mass the keyboard. How can the cat, having looked at you, refuse such tempting pleasure? Of course, he will not pass by.

Warm surface

Cats like heat. And to whom it is not pleasant? Therefore they also like to luxuriate on the sun. And keyboard just warm. Well, is at least warmer, than a firm floor. So the same as murlyk love the warmed town when you get up from a chair, also they and with pleasure will receive a little heat from the laptop.


We want to recognize it or not, cats are territorial animals. They designate a certain territory of the by means of a smell and pheromones. Therefore, passing by you and your computer, your cat will not be too lazy to stop, walk on the keyboard and to be rubbed by the head or a tail about the screen.

He kind of says: "I am glad that you so like to work at my computer, the person". In the cat's world now the computer with its smell belongs to it and only to it.

Your attention

Yes, here so everything can simply appear. Yours the koteyka sees the computer to which you devote a lot of time, and is jealous: "How my person can do something else, besides, to spend time with me?". And, maybe, it just wants to be closer to you, his darling. Therefore, trying to remind you that in the house there is more important issue to which you have to pay attention (it), the cat will go on your keyboard until you understand a hint. Cunning, isn't it?


What to do?

Under close attention to your keyboard nonverbal messages of your cat that it lacks heat or attention can disappear.

But if you cannot just suffer constant violation of your working process more, there are also some solutions of this problem.

Try to put near yourself a soft pillow or a pile of warm blankets on which the cat can relax to you in close proximity. Some cats have enough even just a paper leaflet on which it is very interesting to sit.

If it does not help, and on the laptop persistent attempts are all the same made, it is possible to buy the decorative keyboard. People the truth put the separate keyboard especially for cats. And, it seems, it works.

And in general, just you remember that your fluffy friend does not mean anything bad by the actions. He just wants to be closer to you. And, frankly speaking, you too for certain want that your favourite was near. Just sometimes you well need very to check mail at first.

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