• Aug 21, 2019

There is an old tradition: when someone moves to the new dwelling, the first start a cat there.

 Why cat start up the first in the house

In Russia there is even a service of rent of cats on a housewarming, and service quite demanded. In Belarus of similar service is not present – so, perhaps, it is the ready business idea?

However jokes jokes, and nevertheless let's understand from where legs at this sign grow.

From where the custom undertook to let a cat the first in the house?

Roots of a sign to let a cat the first in the house are in customs of ancient Slavs. They believed that we are surrounded by spirits, both kind, and angry. And even invisible residents already live in absolutely new house. A cat, entering the house, starts friendship with spirits and by that provides to people support from otherworldly forces and safety.

Other version is connected with the fact that brownies need to be taken away when moving from the old house to new. Tranquility and prosperity of inhabitants of the dwelling depends on the brownie and if not to humour this being, it will create an outrage. The cat as believed, is connected with the world of spirits and is on friendly terms with brownies. And if the brownie, moving from the old house, drives in new astride a cat the first, then the prosperity enters ahead of residents.

The cat was also a wellbeing symbol. That is, entering the house of the first, she kind of introduced wellbeing to the new house. By the way, therefore the cat could not be turned out – you will make to yourself worse.

There is one more theory why the cat needed to be let in the new house of the first, not so flatter for small animals. People believed that old problems will move to the new house together with residents. And, most likely, they will fall upon the one who will enter the house the first. Moreover – some considered that who the first will enter the new house, that the first and will leave it – forward legs. Gloomy sign … Therefore most often the first started elderly people, to some extent sacrificing them – like, and so not for long remained. But then decided that nevertheless is more pathetic than relatives, than a dumb creature, and began to let in the first a cat.

On a photo: The cat is let the first in the new house

As custom to let a cat of the first in the new house it is connected with power?

Presently very few people believe in brownies seriously, but many trust in room power. And from this point of view custom to let a cat of the first in the house too has the explanation.

Some consider that the cat has a special intuition, she feels power streams and looks for good places, avoiding bad. And, having entered the first the house, the cat will find especially attractive corner where will be located. So, it is possible to put strategically important pieces of furniture, for example, a desktop or a bed there.

One more version: the first the being with positive power has to enter the new dwelling to extend it to all room. And supposedly if the cat of the first crosses a threshold of the house, the power in it will be remarkable.

However, there is also an opposite point of view – about what the cat attracts and "takes away on itself" negative power. Therefore it kind of cleans the house. But here to put a bed on that place where the murlyka likes to lie, it is impossible at all.

Whether to trust in all this, to solve to you. Anyway, the cat can contribute to a cosiness in new (or old) the house. Certainly, if it – the desired and favourite pet.

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