• Feb 7, 2020

Some owners complain that their dogs "became impudent" and do not obey them "for harm". However dogs were selected in the millennia by the principle of loyalty to the person and the aspiration to cooperate with it so "harm", "attempts to dominate " there is definitely nothing. Why the dog does not obey the owner and how to teach a dog to obey?

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Why the dog does not obey the owner?

Definitely not because seeks to enslave mankind and to take world supremacy. The reasons for which the dog does not obey the owner, as a rule, are divided into 4 groups:

  1. The dog badly feels . So if you noticed that it is difficult to dog to concentrate, she sluggish, apathetic or refuses to perform some specific actions (for example, to sit down or lay down), it is worth being convinced that nothing hurts it.
  2. The dog cannot perceive information . Possibly, around there are too much distracting factors, the dog is overexcited or not satisfied some of her basic requirements. For example, if with a dog of few walk , on walk she will pull a lead and to be distracted by any irritant simply because freedom on implementation of vidotipichny behavior is not satisfied. And if the dog is very hungry or wants to drink, she will be able to think only of, where to find food or water, but not about that, how exactly she has to sit down near you. By the way, the fact that the dog who so well does everything in a familiar situation is lost at the first competitions is connected with this group of the reasons.
  3. There is not enough motivation . For example, the owner when training a dog relies only on mechanical influences and not enough encourages a dog. As a result often happens that on a lead the dog obeys, but as soon as she is released "in free floating", the contact with the owner and control over a dog sharply disappear. Such situation is promoted by cruel methods of training, use of inhumane ammunition or the wrong assessment of the fact that the dog wants at present and than it is possible to encourage her.
  4. The person is unclear to a dog , that is badly explains. For example, gives inexact or contradictory signals, makes fussy movements which confuse a dog, and teams sound approximately so: "No, well, as you do not understand, not to sit, and to lie, I told!"
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What to do if the dog does not obey the owner?

First of all, it is necessary to find the reason for which the dog does not obey the owner, and it is definitely not "harm" or "attempts to dominate ". And then it is worth working directly with the reason, that is most often – with the person.

If the dog badly feels, it is necessary to cure her, and then already to train.

If it is not enough – to think motivations what will give pleasure to a dog (and not just to the owner) and to please her, it is correct to choose encouragement, to strengthen contact and mutual understanding, to do trainings by favourite pastime, but not penal servitude.

You should not put before a dog of too difficult tasks, it is better to increase complexity gradually and to break a task into the pieces clear to the pet.

Certainly, it is necessary to provide basic requirements dogs.

If a dog is overexcited, it is important to work with her state, to reduce excitement level, to teach control of impulses and ability "to behave in paws". A huge number of games and exercises is for this purpose developed.

And, of course, the dog needs to learn to explain correctly a task, to know the language of a body and the speech. For this reason it is very useful to film process of training of a dog and at least from time to time to use services of the instructor – many mistakes which the owner, having concentrated on actions of a dog, but not on the, involuntarily loses sight are from outside visible.

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