• Jan 16, 2020

For certain you noticed more than once that your dog nestles on you. Why the dog nestles on the owner and what she wants to tell in such a way?

 nestles on the owner of a photo

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The matter is that the attachment dogs to the owner includes two components: emotional connection and perception of the person as bases of safety. That is to the one who is base of safety the dog will run if she feels scared or uncertain. And in the presence of such person the dog will explore more actively the world around and to play.

Most often the dog nestles on the owner if it is frightened or is nervous. For example, in a vetklinik or at a meeting with something terrible on the street. It is a signal that the pet trusts you and counts on your support and protection.

 the dog nestles on the owner of a photo

Photo: google.by

Sometimes dogs nestle on the owner and relax, even fall asleep. In this case and the pose of a dog shows to tranquility and a pacification. It is sign that in your society the dog feels comfortable and it is sure that you do not do her harm.

Sometimes the dog nestles on the owner and looks to him in eyes. Most likely, at this moment the dog from you needs something: for example, she thirsts or wants to go to walk.

is important to estimate behavior of a dog in a context: to look at other signals of a body and at what occurs around. In this case you will be able to understand that the canine friend tries to tell you.

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