• Sep 28, 2020

Language of a dog if to think, piece improbable. Dogs use language not only to eat and drink, but also still to be cooled, and, certainly, to kiss owners. But some dogs practically all the time go with the put-out tongue. Sometimes only the tip, and sometimes a dog sticks out throws out language and widely opens a mouth. Why the dog puts out tongue?

Dog with the Put-out Photo Tongue
of the Photo: pixabay.com

The reasons can be different and, alas, not always harmless.

4 reasons why the dog puts out tongue

  1. A syndrome of the hanging language. The name in this case precisely displays an essence: tongue of a dog is put out from a mouth. Most often it meets at small dogs and at brakhitsefal , such as pugs, for example, and the genetics "is guilty" in this case. It is connected or with too big size of language, or with the wrong structure of jaws. However a time of the geneticist there is nothing, and the reason of the put-out tongue in bad condition an oral cavity and teeth. Fortunately, the majority of dogs with a syndrome of the hanging language can conduct full-fledged life. However it is worth being convinced that the pet does not feel discomfort and has no disease, so, consultation of the veterinarian is necessary.
  2. Use of new drugs. If you gave to a dog new drugs and noticed that she constantly goes with the put-out tongue, it is worth addressing as soon as possible the veterinarian to be convinced that everything is all right. And if not as it should be to change medicine and/or to revise the program of treatment.
  3. Heavy breath. When to the person hot, he sweats. When to a dog hot, she begins to pant with the put-out tongue. It helps a dog to be cooled. If your dog pants with the put-out tongue, try to find for her more cool place and save from physical activities. Make sure that the pet has an access to water. If it does not help, it is worth addressing the expert to be convinced, whether all as it should be with your favourite.
  4. Relaxation. Good news: sometimes the put-out tongue does not mean that with a dog something not as it should be. Sometimes the put-out tongue (especially language on one side) is a sign of relaxation and good mood of a dog. If your pet just regaled on a favourite dish, played or lies near you, with the tongue hanging out, it can mean that he stays at pleasure top at present.

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