• Jul 20, 2020

Some owners are concerned by the fact that a dog swallows of inedible objects (sticks, pieces of fabric, plastic, polyethylene packages, sand, earth, etc.). Why the dog eats strange things and what to do in this case?

The Dog Cracked a Photo Ball
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Это the phenomenon is called an allotrifagiya – depraved appetite at dogs.

Swallowing by a dog of inedible objects – always sign of her trouble. Similar the behavior can testify to an excessive and/or chronic stress, boredom or overexcitation when the dog thus tries or to entertain herself, or to calm down. "Correction" in this case consists in adjustment wellbeing of a dog (5 freedoms). However first of all it is necessary to exclude problems with health.

If the dog eats inedible, it can cause a number of problems from her health. Very often such opinion meets that the dog knows what substances is not enough for it and eats what is necessary for an organism. But this very big delusion! The dog can eat a subject which will lead to obstruction digestive tract.

This problem is up to the end not studied. But there is a variety of reasons why at a dog there is an appetite perversion. Also it is authentically known that one of the reasons is violations in work of an organism. Namely it is a lack of an organism vitamins, minerals and minerals, for example such as sodium, chlorine and calcium.

Also lead helminthic invasions to a perversion of appetite. All this results from allocation of a large amount of toxins helminths!

One more reason – violations of work of digestive tract.

Some infectious diseases can cause eating of foreign objects, including such dangerous disease as rage.

Therefore at emergence in an animal of these signs, it is necessary, first of all to consult with the veterinarian. Here it is important to find out the reason and to eliminate it. If not to remove the reason, then the situation not to change, and you strongly risk health of the pet.

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