• Feb 7, 2020

of the Dog – animals gregarious, so, actively communicate both with relatives, and with people. And a skuleniye – only one of ways of communication, attempt to inform of the message "interlocutor". Why the dog whines also what with it to do?

 the Dog whines a photo

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Why the dog whines?

There is a lot of reasons for which the dog whines. But it is possible to allocate the main:

  1. the Dog needs something or she feels discomfort . For example, the bowl for water became empty, and the pet thirsts. Or it is necessary to go outside to celebrate need, you do not hurry, and it is not able to suffer any more. Or perhaps the favourite ball was gone under a sofa, and your canine friend cannot get it.
  2. it is boring for the Dog . Yes, dogs, as well as people, can feel boredom. Only if the person is able to find to himself a set of entertainments, dogs in this sense are limited, including conditions which are created by people.
  3. the Dog tests pain . Most often in this case the dog whines at change of a pose, in attempt to rise or lay down, shakes ears or shows other signs of an indisposition (for example, whines right after food or during urination, etc.)
  4. the Dog suffers in loneliness . Some dogs hard are given stay in loneliness, and they begin to whine, being alarmed or urging the owner to return urgently.
  5. the Dog excessively of is excited . Sometimes the skuleniye reason – overexcitation of a dog. It is difficult to animal to cope with this state, and surplus of emotions "leaves" in sounds.
  6. the Dog understood that she thus can draw with your attention . If the owner is quickly and easily distracted from the works when the dog begins to whine, but at the same time not too indulges her attention in other time, so he taught her to whine.
 the Boxer whines a photo

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What to do if the dog whines?

Ways to cope with a skuleniye of a dog as much, how many and the reasons.

  1. If there are reasons to suspect a disease , as soon as possible consult with the veterinarian and implement its recommendations.
  2. If the dog whines because of discomfort, it is necessary to understand the reason and to eliminate it.
  3. the Owner should asking himself a question: whether not boringly is to your dog ? Whether all her requirements are satisfied ? Whether it is enough at it entertainments, including toys? Does it have an opportunity to behave as a dog? Walks are how active and full? Whether are engaged with a dog?
  4. If the dog hardly transfers loneliness, it is worth analysing, besides, whether all five freedoms are satisfied. Also there are of a technique (and humane) which help a dog to cope with alarm from separation from the owner.
  5. If the dog whines only for attraction of your attention (and you are precisely sure of it, having excluded all other possible reasons), ignore these attempts, but at the same time pay to a dog attention, so valuable to it, when it shows to desirable behavior (for example, quietly lies).
  6. If the dog cannot cope with excitement, the owner's task – to help it to to learn "to behave with paws" . For this purpose there is a set of the games and exercises pleasant to a dog and at the same time very useful.
Skuleny dogs can irritate the owner, but it signals that at a dog in life something is not got on.

It is worth understanding surely why the dog whines and to create conditions in which the pet will have no need to show similar behavior.

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