• Jan 28, 2020

Some owners are so anxious with to keep "the status of the leader" in the opinion of the dog that it reminds paranoia or crazy frustration. Learn a dog about this concern, she very much would be surprised. Just because under it there are exactly no bases.

The leader for a dog – not the one who the first passes at a door, and the one who ensures safety and distributes resources.

of the Photo: pexels.com

So, if your dog …

  • Does not decide when and where you go for a walk (and it has no flat keys?)
  • Does not define as when you eat (the refrigerator still at your disposal?)
  • Does not buy and does not order products and other things (it has neither card, nor cash?)
  • Does not choose where you will work and what education to get (or the dog wrote your summary?)
  • Does not dispose of your time (or it arrests you to the battery handcuffs?)
  • And so on, and so forth …

… to consider that that your dog dominates over you, a little prematurely.

Well and if resources are distributed by your dog, then I have for you bad news. To you already late "to drink Borjomi" and to solve a problem alpha revolutions or a makhaniye a stool.

And if the dog "behaves badly", it means that in her life something is unsuccessful, and with this trouble it is necessary to do something. But it is not connected in any way with "attempts to become the leader and to put into place".

If you want that the dog behaved well, we recommend to use our video lessons of education and training of dogs by humane methods! ▼

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