• Feb 7, 2020
of the Dog in the majority is liked to be played, and it is necessary to play with them, the main task at the same time — to choose the correct games. Why to a dog to play? to answer this question, it is necessary to understand in the beginning what games are played by dogs.
Is 2 main types of games: games with tribespeople and games with the person.

Games with other dogs

I consider
Ya that games with tribespeople are simply necessary when growing a puppy, to it, as well as the person, it is necessary to meet representatives of the look, to understand that there are different dogs that the Russian canine wolfhound, the bulldog and the Newfoundland dog are dogs too.
Most often the puppy easily identifies
as dogs of tribespeople who look approximately as well as it. For example, mine эрдель arrived to me in 2.5 months, and after that saw the first airdale in 6 months. He recognized him among all other breeds at an exhibition and was wildly glad! That is, if we speak about terriers, most likely, they will quickly and easily find contact with other terriers or schnauzers (also bearded dogs of a square format), similar to them.
 Dogs play a photo On a photo: dogs play with each other
But as the little European is surprised, having seen the Japanese or the native of Africa, and the dog who did not communicate in the childhood with brakhitsefala (breeds which have a snub nose and a flat muzzle), at adult age will experience difficulties in communication with them. Especially considering specifics of these dogs: because of flat muzzles during a heat or at strong excitement they pokhryukivat and cheep. And other dog can decide that this pokhryukivaniye is growl. And what to do if on you naprygivat with growl? Of course, to be protected or attack!
Very often owners of brakhitsefal complain that other dogs directly from approach attack their pets though in usual life and with other dogs "aggressors" behave quietly and even wishes to play — often the explanation for such jet behavior lies on a surface and is that the third-party dog was not familiar with features of communication with brakhitsefala. Therefore I would recommend also to owners of brakhitsefal to give to the pet the chance to communicate in a shchenyachestvo with other dogs, and to owners of other dogs — to acquaint the canine friends with such "strange" relatives.
concerns also representatives of black or shaggy breeds, native breeds (for example, huskies, a basenji, malamutes) or to representatives of "breeds in a fold": black, shaggy or "dogs in a fold" are read by other dogs more difficult native breeds often are more impulsive and direct in expression of the relation and emotions. But to learn to read language of a body of these breeds also perhaps. And to make it softly and gradually, during the period of life of a dog optimum for this purpose easier — the socialization period which downloads in 4 — 6 months.
 Dogs play with a photo ball On a photo: dogs play with a ball
Games with dogs are necessary also in order that the puppy studied rules of conduct of relatives, behavioural protocols: as it is correct to call in a game or to leave from the conflict what force there has to be a game sting how to understand other dog (she wants to play or intends to attack).

Happens that one dog flies up to play, and the second does not understand it and rushes to a fight. Or on the contrary — the dog runs up with the obvious purpose "to gnaw", and the potential victim rejoices: "Oh, cool, let's play!"

What to do?

If we want to bring up a dog whose world will turn around us, and we for the pet the center of the Universe, naturally, it will be necessary to observe golden mean. It is not necessary to stand on one place and to observe how dogs play among themselves in the beginning, then amicably dig poles, quarrel, send passersby, pull out cookie from the child's hands - it is not too successful option. I recommend to the pupils, especially during socialization and growing of a puppy (from 4 to 7 months), regularly to meet various dogs, but at the same time experience always has to be qualitative and positive.
It does not mean that all walk consists of communication and games with tribespeople, by no means: you see off in a circle of dog lovers of 10 minutes — it will give to a dog the chance to play and dump steam. Then take away the favourite, take a walk, work 20 — 30 more minutes, you pobesitsya together to explain to a dog that with you it is cheerful too: though you are also not able to run also quickly as a neighbour's spaniel, but easily can be present by voice or play pullings, have fun with a ball, be engaged in search games, play stunt games or games on obedience. Then return to dogs again for 10 minutes. It is a good rhythm.
First, we give to a dog the chance of socialization, and it is extremely important as those who during socialization were deprived of communication with tribespeople in process of growing often face two types of behavioural problems:
  1. Fear of other dogs
  2. Aggression to other dogs (and in 90% of cases aggression happens or when the dog is afraid or when it fixed negative experience of communication).
Secondly, we accustom a dog to what, even when it plays, nearby there is an owner, and she has to watch it.
Subsequently when our puppy is at more advanced level of trainings and is ready to work in the presence of dogs, I very much recommend to come to walking to work there, and as encouragement to release a dog again to play.
 Dogs play a photo
Very often to people can "vybegivat" dogs. For example, if the pet carries the apartment, he is tried to be loaded physically. But at the same time, even if the dog is exhausted on walk, it continues to carry the apartment. Why? Because, first, mental and physical activity is different things (by the way whether you knew that 15 minutes of mental loading are equivalent to a 1.5-hour full-fledged physical training?), and secondly if our dog regularly rushes behind a ball or a stick, stress hormone (excitement from a cheerful game is a stress, positive too, but a stress) — cortisol comes to blood. He is brought from blood on average within 72 hours. And if we every day within an hour joyfully play with a dog in a stick or a ball, we do not give the chance to cortisol to leave — that is the dog is constantly overexcited, the level of a stress grows, the dog becomes more nervous and … remember, we said that the tired dog can quite continue "to kill" the apartment? Now it is clear why?
By the way, at regular vybegivaniye of a dog is also one more hassle — the endurance trains too! And if this week we have to throw a stick hour that the dog "exhausted", then on following we will already throw 1 hour 15 minutes — and so on accruing.
is Very healthy that we grow up the hardy athlete, but this athlete with a bigger endurance will carry the apartment. Such dogs I strongly recommend to learn to relax that they could exhale — in literal and figurative sense.
If we begin to work as
with a puppy while it appeared at our place if we work at a positive reinforcement, and the kid likes to be engaged, and in parallel we give it the chance to communicate with dogs in enough — to months to 9 (and often and much earlier) the puppy begins to prefer the owner to other dogs. He was satiated with games with tribespeople, understands that with the owner is much more interesting and more cheerful. We can approach, greet dogs, our pet will take couple of detours, will run up to the owner, will take seat and will tell: "Well, let's now something do!" It is excellent! It is what and was necessary for us. We fed with one carrot two hares: and a dog did not deprive of communication with relatives, and received the pet who likes to play with the owner more and consciously chooses communication with it.
 the Dog plays with the person of a photo On a photo: the dog plays with the person
Is one "but". Athletes can limit communication of a dog with similar. It is logical because if our dog understands that she is promoted only from the owner's hands, and does not know happiness of a game with relatives, she also does not look for him. But personally I consider that if we take a dog, then have to give her the chance of implementation of all of 5 freedoms is a base without which there will be no full valid dialogue with our pet. And we have to provide to the pet and freedom for implementation of vidotipichny behavior, in this case — a possibility of positive communication with similar.
At the same time if we speak about athletes, most often at them contains in family several dogs at the same time therefore we cannot speak about a real social deprivation. On the other hand, as well as in the human environment, the child living in a large family, of course, learns to communicate with the brothers and sisters, but is remarkable if he has an opportunity to learn to interact with different children: cunning, modest, bores, courageous, meanies, honest, teases, etc. All this lessons, and lessons very useful.
However if we speak about athletes, then everything is logical. It is much simpler to finish a dog before ideal sports obedience when she does not know that it is possible to seek entertainments "elsewhere". It is natural if we explain to a dog that with other dogs cheerfully, and she has the right to play with them, then it is necessary to work, most likely, more over ability to concentrate in the environment with strong irritants that is when around other dogs rush. But it seems to me that game is worth the candle. In my opinion, very comfortably to have a dog with whom you can just take a walk, when there is no forces or mood on occupations and at the same time it is not necessary to run all over each dog for kilometer because of fears that our dog can begin a fight.

Games of a dog with the person

If games with dogs are important, then games of a dog with the person — are simply necessary.
in a game we acquire contact with the person, desire to communicate, motivation, concentration of attention, a pereklyuchayemost, we work on processes of excitement and braking, and in general we can build training process entirely, including working off of all necessary skills. And the dog in that case likes to be engaged, she waits for these games. She is convinced that she plays, but actually she intensively works!
by means of games can modify problem behavior, to work on basic conditions of a dog. If the dog shy, timid, lacking initiative, constantly waits for the hint from the owner, games can help it to overcome shyness, to become more persistent and active.
can be Played differently. Just now at me in work, besides other, a dog — and we play with fear of loud sounds: we teach that it can make terrible sounds itself, and these terrible sounds are awarded.
The more the dog knows
about a peace arrangement, the more she understands about it, the more it can control it. And when we control the world — we rule over it, and it stops being terrible.
 the Dog plays with the person of a photo On a photo: the dog plays with the person
of Games in which we, people, can play with dogs, very much and is a lot of. From the main directions I would allocate:
  • games for development of motivation (desire to work with the person),
  • games for self-checking development (and it is ability to behave in paws at the sight of ducks ashore or the running cat, at the sight of the child who eats ice cream),
  • games for development of an initiative (be able to offer yourself be able not to be upset if it is impossible to you do not lower a paw and try more and more),
  • games for an ideal podzyv,
  • games for not selection,
  • stunt games,
  • interactive games with boredom,
  • search games,
  • sheypingovy games (or games in guessing game),
  • games for development of physical shape, balance and proprioception (proprioception is a feeling of relative provision of parts of a body and their movement at animals and the person, in other words — feeling of the body).
The matter is that the majority of dogs badly understand what represents their body. For example, some do not know that they have hinder legs. They go lobbies — and further something behind them was tightened. And as to use it, they plainly do not understand — well unless to scratch behind an ear if the flea beetle bit. Therefore I like to enter directly from a shchenyachestvo games on balancing surfaces, on movements back, into the parties, for work as hinder legs to explain to a dog that it is "all-wheel drive". Sometimes reaches ridiculous: I taught the dog to throw hinder legs on vertical surfaces when it costs with a support on front pads. Since then Elbrus was moved to go in the car not as normal dogs, and leaving forepaws on a back seat, and back showering upward. And goes — the head down. It is unsafe therefore I constantly corrected it, but it means that the dog completely owns the body.
Each of types of games with the person we will in details cover
in the following articles. However, you have an opportunity to learn in advantage of games with dogs by own experience, having visited a seminar of "A game by rules" .

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