• Aug 8, 2019

Often the owners of dogs living in the private house sincerely are perplexed: "Why to walk with a dog if there is the yard?" And sometimes at all refuse to recognize that problems of behavior of a dog are connected with lack of walking.

 the woman walks with two dogs across the field of a photo

Photo: pixabay

Alas, this myth is extraordinary hardy. And many are convinced that it is enough to dog to run about in the yard, at the same time it is not obligatory to drive her to walk at all. Let still thanks will tell if she is unchained or from the open-air cage release!

However this delusion costs much to dogs. The dog remains a dog – with all the requirements. Including with the need to carry out vidotipichny behavior – that is to visit new places, to investigate surrounding space, to receive new impressions and it is safe to communicate with relatives.

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The monotonous situation in the yard quickly bothers dogs, and they begin to suffer from boredom. Dogs are intellectual animals, they need constantly to receive food for mind. And the dogs living in the yard whatever big it was need also to walk beyond its limits, as well as to their "room" relatives. Otherwise this dog will be unfortunate more , than the dog living in the city .

Walks outside the territory entrusted to them allow dogs not only to receive new impressions and to meet friends dogs, but also strengthen contact with the owner.

One more bonus – dogs who are driven to walk, most often do not go to a toilet in own yard. My own dogs, spending time in our rural house, regularly went for a walk including in the hygienic purposes and never left activity traces in the yard. Though it is, of course, not the only purpose of walks.

Insufficient walks or lack of walks in general – the reason of a huge number of problems, both psychological, and physiological. Do not deprive of a canine friend of walks!

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