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of the Dragon the black mamba belongs to a sort mambovy families of aspidovy. This is the most venomous snake on all African continent and also she enters 20 poisonous reptiles around the world. Besides, the black mamba is considered the promptest venomous snake on the planet.

Snake black mamba: the description, a way of life, the interesting facts
of the Dragon a black mamba belongs to a sort mambovy the аспидовых

Описание families of a snake

Inhabitants of Africa call a mamba "black death". And it is not accidental. The matter is that she is capable to pursue the victim on the open area, gathering speed to 20 km/h. At the same time before attack of a snake no sound will be heard. The mamba is known for the sharp throw. Poison of a black mamba is so toxic that after a sting without antidote of people will not live also 30 minutes. For 1 time the African black mamba produces from 100 to 400 mg of poison and this with the fact that 20 mg there are enough to kill the adult.

Habitats of a mamba – the territory from East to South West Africa. Exceptions make only tropical forests of Congo. This representative of family of aspidovy loves warm climate, and does not transfer moisture.

Snake black mamba: the description, a way of life, the interesting facts
of the Habitat of a mamba is the territory from East to South West Africa

Despite the name, coloring of a snake varies from dark green to light-olive. However, in the nature also the individual of a metal color known as a white mamba meets. Its belly is painted in rather dirty-white color, and is closer to a tail dark shades appear. Young individuals have a light color. Distinctive feature of this type of a mamba – a black mouth, as gave it the name.

In length the white mamba reaches 3 m, and about 2 kg weigh. The unusual section of its mouth is interesting – it reminds a smile. Canines in which poison is built grow in length up to 25 mm. A mamba – an animal who eats lizards, termites, birds, small rodents, bats and even small snakes. The white mamba in the nature has practically no enemies as very few people will venture it a misfortune. The exception is made by mongooses, eagles, zmeeyada and a needle snake of mehelya capensis. The little mongoose not only is capable to survive after a poisonous sting, but even easily kills a mamba.

the Interesting facts about a black mamba (video)

In spite of the fact that the sting of a black mamba is deadly, the nature allocated it with poison not for murder of people. Experts note that she does not attack the person if he does not approach her. Exist certain rules of conduct which will help to survive after the meeting with a black mamba:

  1. Not to approach a snake. She avoids attacks if only not to approach it close. In this case she regards the person as threat and attacks him.
  2. The snake suits the nests in thickets of bushes or in a heap of brushwood. You should not approach these places.
  3. The most important – at a travel across Africa with itself it is always necessary to carry antidote!

The black reptile easily adapts to any conditions. She hunts both at night, and in the afternoon as she well is guided in space. Recently cases of its attack on the person as the snake finds the shelter even in a tree hollow in the park became frequent.

Snake black mamba: description, way of life, interesting facts

Green mamba

One more dangerous representative of family aspidovy is the green mamba . She lives in forests of South Africa and also in Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia. Africans call her "a green devil" and are afraid even more, than her black relative. She takes the 14th place in the list of the most dangerous animals on the planet Earth.

This venomous snake differs in a special color – green scales which in the sun cast an emerald are characteristic of her. The paunch is painted in lighter green colors. It is a wood reptile which seldom goes down on the earth. It ideally merges with foliage, and therefore it is almost impossible to notice it. The green mamba is active in the afternoon, at night she sleeps. Practically she spends all the time on trees and very seldom goes down on the earth.

Snake black mamba: description, way of life, interesting facts

Length of an adult individual is about 1.5 m. Speed of a snake small as it moves on trees. The green mamba is not aggressive and can attack the person only in case of danger. However this attack is always unexpected as it is not followed by precautionary hissing and preparation for a throw. Because of it people practically have no chances to avoid a sting.

The problem still consists that the reptile attacks from above, but not from the earth as people got used. its poison surpasses in the toxicity even cobra poison. the situation and the fact that usually the snake puts a number of stings because of what the amount of poison in blood exceeds an admissible dose by 6-9 times Becomes complicated. The neurotoxic substance which is contained in the liquid entered into a body of the person works so quickly that doctors not always manage to use antidote even if they are near the victim. Unfortunately, the person after a sting of a green mamba practically has no chances to survive.

In Africa every year more than 40 people perish from stings of this reptile. Experts as prevention advise always to wear dense clothes. The fact that the snake constantly goes down for a collar and her it is very difficult to get business from there. This process frightens her, and she manages to put a series of stings. Besides, it is recommended to look at trees and high bushes attentively. Having noticed a reptile, it will be safer to bypass it.

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