• Jan 30, 2019

Some Amphibia can give birth through a mouth. This phenomenon seems surprising and even fantastic, but it exists in reality. So, reobatarkhausa — frogs who remove the posterity in very original way are rotorodyashchy. Process of childbirth at them is very interesting.

What Animals, unlike Others, Give Birth through a Mouth

Unusual frogs

It is known that at rotorodyashchy frogs the maternal instinct is almost undeveloped. Directly after postponement of caviar any other frogs forget about the posterity at all. But only not reobatarkhausa. Are available the following facts about these reptiles:

  1. For the first time they were found in 1970.
  2. Have a dark color.
  3. Length varies from 4 to 7 cm
  4. Frogs resembled the relatives superficially — back extremities much more long than lobbies.

Amphibia Who Can Give Birth through a Mouth

Initially frogs were registered just as a new look. But after some observations researchers found something unusual. Right after pairing of a female swallowed the impregnated caviar and bore it in the stomach about 1.5−2 months. Through this time of a female just otrygivat little young frogs.

It is interesting that in pairing of males and females scientists found nothing unusual. After a coition the father left, and future mother looked for the secluded town in which she postponed berries.

Scientists at once began to find out why caviar was not digested in a stomach. It turned out that of a berry, and then and cubs were protected by special substance which is called prostaglandin. Its function is in interfering with production of gastric juice.

One more surprising fact: the female throughout all pregnancy did not eat food at all. When the term of so-called childbirth approached, the female spat out cubs . At the same time her stomach strongly increased in a size. On time process could borrow till several o'clock.

Phenomenon explanation

Scientists also found explanations for such strange way of incubation and the birth of posterity. It turned out that at these frogs the maternal instinct is developed more than at relatives. Thus, females tried to increase chances of the cubs of survival and protected them from predators.

of the Habitat

Reproduction of Frogs

These frogs were noticed only in Australia. They are not in one park and the reserve. Prichin's of such circumstance quite simple : these reptiles died out 10 years later after detection. The sad event took place in the early eighties last century. For this reason even if very much to want, with these frogs to meet it will not turn out.

The reason of extinction of this look for scientists is still unknown. It is possible the cause is just an unusual way of reproduction. Perhaps, once this look will revive again.

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