• Sep 20, 2019
the Correct feeding – one of the main issues in keeping of a pet. And about harmful products the nobility not to exchange it is important, than about useful. Something from "the forbidden list" can become the reason not only diseases, but also death of a little rodent.
So what products cannot be given to hamsters? We prepared the list!

of 30 forbidden products for a hamster

  1. Salt — for a hamster can become deadly even the minimum quantity, it creates unreasonable load of kidneys and heart of a small animal.
  2. Spezia is a blow in intestines and a stomach, they can become the reason of development of inflammatory processes.
  3. Sugar — it extremely negatively influences central nervous system, heart and an endocrine system, harms teeth.
  4. Medical
  5. Chocolate.
  6. Cookies.
  7. Milk is a fat product, besides containing the substances which are not acquired an organism of a hamster.
  8. Cream.
  9. Smetana.
  10. Butter.
  11. the Citrus (grapefruits, lemons, oranges) — can lead to a vitamin C surplus.
  12. Stones (cherry and apricot) — can become the poisoning reason.
  13. Pineapple.
  14. Avocado.
  15. Kiwi.
  16. Granat.
  17. Watermelon.
  18. Melon.
  19. Cabbage — causes gas generation and also swelling of intestines of a hamster that can lead of the pet to death.
  20. Garlic.
  21. Luk.
  22. Mint — contains a large amount of essential oils, Smolny and tannins.
  23. the Sorrel — contains a large amount of tannins and oxalic acid.
  24. Mushrooms.
  25. Almonds — contain hydrocianic acid, poison for rodents.
  26. Branches of coniferous trees – emit harmful pitch.
  27. Muesli and other dry breakfasts.
  28. Sausages.
  29. Pasta.
  30. Black bread — differs in acidity, causes fermentation and gas generation that is fraught with problems with a GIT of a hamster, up to death.

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